Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Thunderlips, Feb 23, 2016.

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  1. ok

    Just started watching this weeks raw and HS

    Everyone has been moaning about the way things are on the blogs and podcasts and the SM comes back and says everything everyone else has been saying

    Is this amazing writing and been built for all this time because if it is that is amazing

    Or are they just got lucky because this is great

    I havent heard anyone who has said this was coming

    Im glad i contiuned watching this time is exiting now
  2. This is what we call Wrestlemania season. Also known as the only time of year McMahon gives a damn. Because Wrestlemania is the big show, the grand daddy of them all (no longer allowed to be called that since it makes the event seem "old" in Vince's own words) and such.

    The road to Wrestlemania is typically the time of year that Vince is the most motivated to put out good product. Or at the least entertaining product. Especially this year when he wants to break a attendance record
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  3. A few people leaked info that something big was going to happen prior to the event but no one had a clue what it was or who would be involved.
  4. I see

    So does SM win and get Raw, that would mean undertaker losing and that surely wont happen

    But Raw will be much better if SM wins
    And he will challenge the athority

    But we cant have both undertaker win and shane win dammit
  5. 99% chance Undertaker and Shane aren't actually wrestling. Taker is likely going to refuse and rather side with Shane, and face someone Vince handpicks. A McMahon in each man's corner
  6. Actually cool how long this was planned and not leaked. Most people thought that Goldberg, or someone else irrelevant would be the person to face Taker when it was leaked that he wouldn't be facing someone on the roster. Not once did Shane pop up.

    And then that Legacy award, it seemed utterly pointless. But it worked out so well.
  7. No way really???? WTF
  8. That's what I think at least. Shane hasn't wrestled in a good few years, and he was never fully trained (much like his father), rather going on pure McMahon balls and insanity.

    He was fucking awesome tho
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