Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Urn Anderson, Jul 13, 2012.

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  1. What have you marked for the most this year? Was it Vader returning? Or Daniel Bryan being called Goatface. The moment for me, when i was watching the Over the Limit Pre Show Battle Royal(e) and wondering to my self if William Regal was going to be in the match, and at that moment, i heard his theme tune. :yay: But anyway, your moment?
  2. Lesnar returning, followed by DB getting stupidly over
  3. Kane lighting a bbq with his magical fire powers
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  4. Dis.

    Edit - If this thread is still alive and he manages to do it, Dolph winning MitB might match Lesnar for me. Seriously.
  5. LOLed so much when that happened.

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  6. Right now (going from what I've seen) I'd say Lesnar returning is joint with Cole hitting on AJ, but that will be overtaken with AJ picking Cole over Bryan and Punk at MITB (read the AJ MITB thread), again, you heard it here first, AJ will chose Cole.

    and yes, I am actually obsessed that this will happened :haha:
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  7. Cena winning MITB Wins Title rock goes after Cena :win:
  8. The match with Cena vs John Laurenitous or however it is spelt. Even though it had cena in it, it was entertaining when John Laurenitous was getting injured.
  9. Bob Backlund.
  10. Lesner return had me shouting my house down.

    And seeing Gabriel on TV a few times as well.
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