On a scale of 1-10?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Crayo, May 10, 2012.

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  1. How mad are you that Dolph Ziggler is in a tag-team match and not his own match?
  2. 3 Enraged that he's that low in the card, but delighted that he's got a match and isn't going to be buried by Fatty Clay. Also it should be a quality match.
  3. 13.

    Instead we get Lord Fucking Tensai in the main event!
  4. 10.

    If they actually put those god awful belts on Jolph Swiggler I'll fucking cry myself to sleep at night.
  5. I'd say around 8, I'm pretty pissed, but at least he's got an actual match on the card, not a squash or a filler.
  6. At least he's got a match on the card. And it's better than losing to Brodus Clay or whatever.
  7. Jolph Swiggler. :lol1:
  8. He is SIIICK at selling moves! he should fight Daniel B. for the WHC.

  9. I'm with R'Albin, sad that he's low on the card. Glad he does not have a Clay squash booked.
  10. Ziggler vs Bryan feud would be great.
  11. http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xkq2ah_daniel-bryan-vs-dolph-ziggler-wwe-bragging-rights-2010_sport

    Remember this match? Fucking awesome
  12. Yep I remember getting pretty excited over the prospects of these two during this match. I hated Daniel Bryan at the time, his character anyway, but this was a fantastic match. Imagine it now though. Both of them have improved so much from then. They both bored me to tears back then but now both are in my fav 5. Face Bryan with the same sort of character, IE, not a smiling face bitch vs a show off dirty Dolph Ziggler, similar to Roode, would be insanely good.
  13. 6/10 If they would win, it's kinda good.

    10/10 If they lose, it's super super bad.

    This guy needs to be in the singles competition again and get a deserved title shot..
  14. Fuck them winning those god awful belts. FUCK. IT.
  15. Kofi and Truth should be keeping those belts warm for O'Neil and Young or Hawkins and Reks. Nobody else. Putting the belts on these two would only drag down both Dolph and the tag-team division as a whole. Ridiculous.
  16. This.
  17. Ziggler and Bryan was good in 2010 at some PPV I can't remember thinking survivor series but don't know. Ziggler needs to be established. Instead of getting these new old guys coming back and making a big impact on someone big, why don't they do that with stars like Ziggler and Rhodes?
  18. lol bro I just posted the match. It was Bragging Rights, and it stole the show.
  19. *le wild tag team belt appears

  20. That match was simply awesome. I'd love to see another one like that with Ziggler and Bryan as soon as possible.
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