On The Hunt For Glory: The Wolves Chase Destiny Beginning Tonight!

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    Team 3D - TNA Hall of Famers and the most decorated tag team in wresting history. The Hardys - the tag team of a generation and one of the most innovative teams in all of wrestling. Now, TNA’s young guns and current World Tag Team Champions, The Wolves, have their eyes set on reaching legendary status just like these two great teams – and it all begins tonight at 9/8c on Spike TV.

    Last week, all three teams met and agreed to a series of matches for the TNA World Tag Team Championships. After each match, the winner will pick the next match’s stipulation and the series will end when one of the teams achieves two victories. The stakes are high and, obviously, both Team 3D and The Hardys would like to add another title reign to their already storied legacies. However, the stakes are much higher for The Wolves.

    Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards have proven themselves to be a powerhouse tandem and one of the best teams wrestling in the world today – but entering into a series of this magnitude can change any wrestler’s career forever. This is a chance for The Wolves to become immortal. Seemingly handpicked and celebrated by both Team 3D and The Hardys, now the TNA World Tag Team Champions have to shine and prove themselves as the same caliber of Team 3D and The Hardys.

    The stakes are high and the hunt is on. Who is the best tag team in professional wrestling today? This series will answer that question.

    Don’t miss the first match in this can’t-miss series! 9/8c on Spike TV, TONIGHT!


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