Once Rusev Loses, There Isn't Much To Him

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by CM Punk, Jan 3, 2015.

  1. His character is very one dimensional. Basically when his streak is broken, there isn't much to him. That's the bad part about him. Even if they decide to go face, you can't do much with him. He's not much of a speaker or a looker. His character might work better if it wasn't surrounded around Russia and maybe if they aligned him with Paul Heyman to build him as the next beast. MAYBE!

    Actually, when I think about it, you can't really take him anywhere with his character. Maybe a short stint as World Heavyweight Champion, but that's it.
  2. Heavyweight champion? In a world where a thug gone marine gone superhero doesn't exist maybe...just maybe.
  3. The best part about this whole Rusev deal is Lana. :emoji_grin:

    - In all seriousness, he's got nothing to offer, and it's all because of his stupid 'LOL, I hate America. Boo me.' gimmick. It's been done to death.

    Pairing him with Heyman might be a good idea, though.
  4. He can get rebooted with a new more aggressive gimmick such as that of Brock Lesnar. Instead of attacking old men he attacks anyone he feels like. He doesn't have to talk because his bad ass beat downs will do it for him.
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  5. Speaking of new gimmicks... Not only does Rusev need some repackaging, but Fandango and Rose could use it, too.
  6. I think Rose can do a Leo Kruger type gimmick now that he has officially turned heel.

    Fandango can do one too but I'm not sure anything fits him.
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  7. Yeah, 'cause 'party all the time' gimmick was gonna be over so well. Fuck that shit. I've hated it since the beginning.

    As far as Fandango goes, yeah. I don't think there's much they could do to change him, unless they rebrand him into Johnny Curtis again.
  8. Yeah, he can definitely transition from Anti-American into Russian (Samoa) Joe pretty easily, but the streak does contain all his momentum lol.

    Thought he was the next Koslov for sure but he's convinced me otherwise
  9. Rusev can be big past a defeat, but, as many have suggested, he'll have to be repackaged.

    I'd have him lose the title to Reigns (fantasy booking) in his first loss, then go on a serious losing streak. Then, he'd disappear for a few months. Have him come back without Lana (she should get some other "clients" before this...she's got some abilities to work a crowd.....there's gang-bang joke in there somewhere) and with a severe, no-nonsense, brutality gimmick (the "Russian Joe" comment got me onto this wavelength) and have him come out and kill everybody: heels, faces, refs, commentators....you know...everybody. Then push him to an IC run, then a WHC run. Don't have him back down to anybody, which will actually make him a face in the long run, but that's okay. Put him with a mouthpiece (I'd actually put him with.....damn....there aren't any good face managers on the main roster outside of Zeb.....well, he'll need one unless they want to reveal his chattier side).

    Yeah, I think he's got the potential to be WHC, but he's got to be built right for the long haul.

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  10. With WK on this one (shocker), Rusev leaving for a while after his loss and becoming a more aggressive monster afterwards sounds alright. But, yeah, most monster pushes really get halted after a first loss, it's nothing new.
  11. If Rusev was defeated I would say he needs to go away similar to Bray Wyatt did and come back a destroyer. A gimick similar to mick knox or kane with mysterio that sort of thing. And then getting a manager. The only one that comes to mind is Paul Heyman
  12. It's true there isn't much to Rusev's character but his ability I imagine would be able to keep him going.. also the first loss he takes would have to be to someone big and they'd definitely have to make Rusev look strong in the match simply for the sake of preserving his strength.
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