One element that is missing in Pro Wrestling?

Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by Kassius HoHo, Sep 27, 2013.

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  1. You know it boggles my mind when I see Wrestlers of today who are Champions, consistently never talk about the importance of the title they are holding.Whether it's the United States Title in WWE, or X-Division title in TNA, it seems that Wrestlers would rather talk on the microphone about getting revenge on their rival or opponent than put over the title on the line and it's history.A few days I was watching some old NWA interviews and it was Flair and Dusty Rhodes feuding at the time.Both men at the time hated each other, they were so different outside in the ring and inside the ring.One thing I remember no matter what they said during an interview, they always brought up the NWA World Title.I'm still wondering why in the hell didn't WWE put the importance of the WWE Championship into play when the Rock vs Cena happened again at Wrestlemania? It was more about Cena getting revenge for his loss? Oh well what's one element you feel is missing in Pro Wrestling and why?
  2. Titles as a whole in western wrestling have been devalued in favor of personal rivalries. I'd guess in part because of the attitude era where so many personal feuds took focus.
  3. Nice thread, and I agree that personal problems have been more important to most of the wrestlers than the actual titles.

    One thing that I really see missing in today's wrestling is energy. It's like most of the wrestlers "smartened up", and I can even barely see a kick-ass, fast-paced, to-the-finish match today. Last one I saw was Storm/Roode at BFG 2012.

    I wanna see two guys kick each other's assess, not some sissy tehnical wrestling all the time. Punch him in the mouth, make him your bitch, tell him you're gonna fuck his whole family etc.
  4. True. Remember Jacobs vs Whitmer? All out war that one.

    Steen vs Generico was the last great personal feud in my opinion. Roode vs Storm could have been great but the fact that it died down for a fair bit of time only to be resurrected for BFG drops it down to "really good" for me. The Steenerico program went on for years over multiple promotions.
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