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    if only eh!
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  2. Who cares about soccer.
  3. another gareth bale near transfer
  4. Hard about this, it's so strange because at the time it was probably the right decision to keep Stewie, but in hindsight, Gareth Southgate you absolute joke.
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  5. I know we were offered taarbart(sp) as well as a few others as part of the deal if only eh
  6. I know, I hear tons of them stories about us, makes you wonder what some of our scouts were playing at.
  7. I still don't understand why it took so long to push Bale forward, every report seemed to mention his as having a great left foot, pace to burn, decent strength and being suspect defensively.
  8. I know did you know we put a bid in for ronaldinho i didn't til the last deadline day its fair to say i got well and truly trolled lol
  9. Lol, no I didn't know that, knew we were offered Nani before he joined Man U though which is again ridiculous.
  10. He was hit and miss and rather inconsistent going forward wasn't he? The pace and strength helped him in defence as a left back, which is where he found his trade originally at Spurs too.
  11. You can afford it in more advanced positions IMO though, losing the ball in the oppositions 3rd is much better than losing it in your own after all. He came through the Saints academy as a LB and raped us there so I'm sure he had potential there, might just be an in hindsight moment.
  12. The saints academy is fucking gold.
  13. So true, they've had a true golden generation this passed 5/6 years of products have been great, even people like Surman who haven't been great have still proved themselves very able footballers.

    It looks like they've got another group ready to burst through too in the next few years, it's incredible.
  14. Yep, was about to mention those ones myself, as their are some who just call them one hit wanders. Makes you think "Wonder where they'd be if they kept them." though right? I could see them being in Spurs' position myself. Good enough with the team they made themselves to get up to the 5th/6th places, earn themselves enough money because of that high spot, do well in the cups to get more money to invest in more good players, and then start to challenge for 4th etc.
  15. Didn't know that lol i remember when we nearly got forlan b4 man u
  16. Lol @ mu stealing your players. Though I wish you took Forlan...
  17. Didn't they need the money though otherwise they'd go bust west ham would have an awesome team if they kept all there players that av come through over the years
  18. Probably did need to sell a few, but I'm unsure about all of them. Sometimes it's worth just taking the risk imo. And yeah West Ham had a fantastic academy; not sure what it's like atm though but it used to be incredible.
  19. I know man citys is good aswell ajax has the best in the world imo the list of amazing players is endless
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