One Guy The President Wants in The Aces n 8s Is....

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  1. From yesterday's Q&A:

    Q: Who would you add to the Aces & Eights?

    A: "There is a badass out there that hasn't been around for awhile. He's a bad dude that has a mean streak, and it's Crimson."

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  2. Here is my gut telling me this SPOILER ALERT right now: Crimson is coming back tonight. There's no source, just me.
  3. Seems likely, he'd need purpose though. Possibly the new VP? Or even someone with military experience to take the tag titles off Gunner & Storm if they win tonight?
  4. Crimson takes out Storm (it is one year since The Streak was beaten by Storm himself), and we realize it was Gunner who was just playing with Storm? Then we have Crimson & Gunner (War Inc.) feuding with Storm & (possibly) Sabin, remember that backstage segment a few weeks ago. Dope feud.
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  5. I just really hope they would add Crimson to the group, replace D Lo with Crimson, Gunner and Bradley. :happy:
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