One issue I had with Punk's promo

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Jul 23, 2013.

  1. I absolutely loved it, and thought it was spectacular, but he sort of put the UFC over the WWE title there. I can't remember the quote but he said something like "and arguably more impressive; UFC champion". Not the best thing to do there imo.
  2. I personally had no problem with the remark but I can see where you are coming from. Within the WWE world being WWE champion is the biggest achievement since birthing Christ.
  3. Honestly, I thought it was sub par. It seems that whenever Punk has run out of ideas he starts to yell and gets corny. His best promos are when he's calm and methodical. "Tell me where you are right now so I can come and kick your ass!" I'd expect that from a mid carder, not the supposed best mic man in the business. Punk needs to get back to sitting in the middle of the ring and being intelligent. Those are my two cents anyway.
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  4. It was a boring promo with decent delivery. So much of it was just cliche face crap that just made me roll my eyes. CM Cena out there
  5. I liked the promo overall (not a marvelous one but was alright), but yeah that line kinda irked me. Putting UFC over WWE like that is what I'd expect to hear if someone here (or anywhere actually) learned I was a wrestling fan, not when I'm hearing a Punk promo.
  6. Someone on another forum said it made sense because WWE is an entertainment company and UFC is a legitimate combat sport. This would be true if someone touted their accomplishments in either or both companies in real life but not on the show. On the show, the wrestling matches are supposed to be legitimate competition bouts between guys, so winning the WWE Championship (in kayfabe terms) should at least be equal with winning the UFC Championship, if not bigger. The comment made no sense, but then, he did say "maybe, just maybe", although putting another profession or company over WWE is still strange.

    That said, it was just a passing moment in a promo. No big deal.
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