One love omni.

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Zamorakian, Feb 1, 2012.

  1. A guy shares his opinion


    Nice one bro :emoji_heart:
  2. How old are you btw?
  3. 17.
  4. I really expected you to be more mature since you 17.
    But, what can we do? People are strange.
  5. Just for this thread, I'm going to find a facepalm smiley and add it!
  6. :hehe: @[Crayo]

    It's a shame you've chosen to act like this a simple apology would have removed all these issues.

    Edit - apparently I failed trolling. Can anyone offer me one instance were I even attempted to troll on here?
  7. :facepalm:

    Oh yeah!
  8. Where did the "guns" icon go? @[Crayo]
  9. We changed smileys, will look for some guns just for you @[Tzesi] I mean Kane!

    We're convinced you're kane.
  10. @[Crayo] Why? I loved that icon.
    I'm just warning you that it isn't my fault if I chokeslam you.

    You have few hours to embrace the hate (to bring back the icon).
  11. Lmao going to find the original pack just for that one f***ing icon! Hope you're happy :cry::cry:
  12. @[Zamorakian] I might PM Omni with this thread, you will get a 20x20 pixels award for free.
  13. Need help finding it. @[Xanth].
  14. i truly love him he deserves it for a great site like HF.
  15. HF is a crap site if you ask me. Opinions differ I guess.
  16. lol i did it because he approved me for ub3r, i love him though he's a great guy.
  17. Just for this thread, I'm gonna troll the hell out off HF and get eeven more rep Rofl. @[Crayo] and @[Xanth] know what I'm talking about.
  18. Junk this @[Crayo] it's not even funny.
  19. Looks photoshopped.