One Night Stand 2005

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Roadster, Jul 10, 2016.

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  1. Just wanna bring up one of my most favorite WWE PPVs, and the last, actual, ECW show.

    I really loved the matches. Really had an ECW feel. The ring was smaller, ropes were cables and everything was ECW branded. No WWE type matches. When you get Lance Storm out of retirement, you know you did something right. The crowd was amazing and the commentary and raw emotion was great.

    Kind of hard to watch Awesome v. Tanaka because of what Styles was saying. The best moments, beside spots in a match, was Heyman's worked shoot on the WWE roster. Edge's freak out when Heyman said "Matt freakin' Hardy" and was asking around, if that was 3 and started doing the Hardy sign. JBL pretending to die, and calling for his wife or some shit.

    The best moment, overall, was at the end of One Night Stand 2005. Eric Bischoff was legit gang raped by the ECW roster and was still able to say "Fuck ECW" while barely conscious. The crowd and entire event just added to that moment.

    Talk about it, bruhs.
  2. ECW was stupid
  3. :lana2:
  4. Oh Boy. the smarks are here, please explain how ECW is bad and stupid..
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