One of the FEW things I can hate on about last night

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Crayo, Sep 17, 2012.

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  1. And that's Ziggler jobbing to Orton :annoyed:
  2. Remember when Jericho beat Ziggler on Summerslam and than the next night he beat Jericho on RAW?
    I think it's the same scenario because Orton needs to go film 12 Rounds: Reloaded.
  3. That is even worse. Why not just give Ziggler the win on the big stage that is a PPV?
  4. They're saving that big moment for when he cashes in. :russo:
  5. Told ya so homie
  6. You aren't letting this go until he stops avoiding it are you lmao
  7. It's Randy Orton. He isn't going to put ANYONE over before he leaves. He may get injured or something, but he'll still win the match. He's an egotistic asshole, think you guys saw part of it when he flipped off a fan. Can't wait for him to be gone again.
  8. 100 percent doe
  9. He'll probably 'Put over' Ziggler on SD or Raw.
  10. DQ or count out.
  11. Completely incorrect. I assume you don't watch SmackDown, but I don't blame you.

    Orton puts a ton of people over, this was 100% WWE retarded booking. No blame to Orton whatsoever.
  12. Orton puts nobody over cleanly.

    And after he jobs he always gets the last win
  13. He tapped out to Del Rio cleanly like 3 weeks ago.
  14. I hate Orton as much as the next guy but Sheamus, Henry and Del Rio are all recent examples of that not happening.
  15. Henry was the one exception I could remember.

    Del Rio never won cleanly against him unless I missed it. Lol Sheamus. Who gives a fuck if he jobbed to Sheamus
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  16. Was just making the point that he did. And yeah he tapped to Del Rio on SD.

    Still, worth putting over Sheamus and Del Bore but not the hottest property WWE has just now?

    Edit- By the way just got your 1000th like :win:
  17. Bad booking my the E'
  18. This.

    You openly admit you don't watch SmackDown. He lost to ADR cleanly more or less 3 weeks ago via ADR's submission. No dirty win at all. ADR put him in it, Orton tapped.

    That shows how often Orton is on the losing end. Ziggler beat him a few weeks back and I remember you saying something like "Cool, means nothing though" or something similar.
  19. Annnnnnnnnd it didn't mean anything lol. People don't care about TV matches. PPV matches are what people remember and care about.
  20. Dolph Ziggler wins - cool oh well means nothing

    Dolph Ziggler jobs - Hates on Orton constantly, makes up lies about him never putting people over.

    #DolphLogic should trend here.
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