One of Those Moments That Makes Me Worry About the Future of the Human Race

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Jacob Fox, Aug 19, 2015.

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    I would post this in a status, but there wouldn't be enough space to explain it. Hopefully you'll get a chuckle out of this like I did. Perhaps if anyone else has had moments like these you can share them.

    One of the many things that keeps me busy is that I am the admin of the "A Nightmare of Elm Street" wiki at I had a problem with someone continuously breaking the rules and eventually had to permanently ban them from the site. Well for months he has been BEGGING to be allowed back in, but every chance I've given him, he continues to break rules.

    Well, this guy goes onto's community site in order to talk to people who run the entire site. When asked he is told by two people:

    "Local blocks are at admin's discretion. The admin doesn't have to rescind your block if he doesn't want to and we cannot force him to."

    So, this guy posts this response that makes me wonder where he ranks on the evolutionary steps:

    "Can either of you tell me where to find the admin's discretion? I've been searching for it and it doesn't come up in my searches."

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  2. The end is here.
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  3. That's pretty dope you're part of Nightmare on Elm Street wiki. Send Freddy after him.
  4. Yeah, I adopted the wiki because the previous owner had been absent for like 6 months. I've been watching Freddy since the beginning. After I was running it for a few months, the previous admin came back and was pretty pissed, but to turn a cliche "You snooze, you lose." :emoji_slight_smile:
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  5. You can't just leave something like that and expect nothing to happen. I've enjoyed the first Nightmare on Elm Street the most, but in the end Friday the 13 has always been my favorite. Still, Freddy is the coolest man to kill with a fedora.
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    In the beginning, I preferred Freddy over Jason. But as time went on, I hadn't seen any of the "Friday The 13ths" so I started watching one of them every Halloween until I got through them. I definitely tend to rewatch the "Friday the 13ths" much more. It feels weird to say this, but they have much more dynamic plots than the Nightmare movies do. I was rooting for Jason in "Freddy vs Jason." Of course, I was rooting for Ash in "Freddy vs Jason vs Ash." Ash from "Evil Dead" is easily my favorite horror character of all.
  7. Oh how the wise one has spoken:cornette:
  8. I am that guy.....
  9. I use to do helpdesk support at a hospital and I had an end user call me and ask for password help. I got into Active Directory to help him. I reset his password and set the account to change once he logged in again. Well, I explained to him that his password is "Password1" and then it'll prompt him to change it...not only could he not figure out how to type in Password1, even though I thoroughly and properly explained it, but he forgot to put his num lock, kept mistyping the capitol letter "P;" it was just a mess. Finally, I found his machine name, which of course wasn't properly documented, and I remoted in. Before I could type in Password1 for him and allow him to change it, he asked, "is the number '1' in 'Password1' capitalized?" first, I thought he was fucking with me....but he wasn't....I nearly wanted to kill myself and I had several cocktails that evening....
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  10. Wow. Um.... wow.
  11. lmfao one of those moments where you realize people are sometimes very stupid....
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  12. I was pretty much the opposite. Jason was my favorite slasher movie villain as a child, but I started to gravitate more and more towards Freddy as I got older. I think the reason why is because as a kid, I was more enamored with how large a movie's body count was and, of course, Jason has a noticeably larger body count than Freddy does. As I grew older though, I gradually developed a greater appreciation for other things like Freddy's personality/charisma/ways of using people's fears against them and mocking his victims as he zeroed in on them, and the fact that he had a more interesting backstory than Jason does.
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