Kayfabe One on One with Luis Alvarado

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  1. *The screen fades in and we see a restaurant front that has a sign which reads *Guillermo Italia* the camera goes into the Restaurant and we see Luis Alvarado having dinner with Vanessa York.*
    Waiter: So what is it you will be having this evening?
    Luis Alvarado: I will have the Brus-chetta chicken with a bottle of your fanciest wine.
    Waiter: And what will you be having Madam?
    Vanessa York: I'll just have a glass of water thanks.
    Waiter: You sure you don't want anything?
    Luis Alvarado: You must eat something.
    Vanessa York: I'm fine.
    *The waiter takes the menus and heads to the kitchen*
    Luis Alvarado: Qué pasa?
    Vanessa York: You wanted a one on one interview.
    Luis Alvarado: And is this not an interview?
    Vanessa York: This is more of a date Luis.
    Luis Alvarado: And. . . .?
    Vanessa York: You can't just trick people like that to get what you want.
    Luis Alvarado: Ok well, start asking me some questions Miss York.
    *Vanessa starts getting a bit frustrated*
    Vanessa York: Know what. . .fine.
    *Vanessa York goes in to her purse and pulls out some notes*
    Luis Alvarado: You came prepared.
    Vanessa York: This was supposed to be an interview right?
    Luis Alvarado: Was? It sill is.
    Vanessa York: Anyway, How do you feel about your upcoming match with the Amazing H?
    Luis Alvarado: How do I feel about him? Well He-
    *Luis gets interrupted by The Waiter*
    Waiter: One Bruschetta Chicken for you, one glass of water for you. And here's that wine you ordered.
    Luis Alvarado: Gracias.
    Vanessa York: Thanks.
    Waiter: Anything else?
    Luis Alvarado: That'll be all.
    *The Waiter leaves*
    Luis Alvarado: Like I was saying uh, what were we talking about?
    Vanessa York: Your match?
    Luis Alvarado: That's right the Amazing H, meh.
    *Luis takes a bite of his food*
    Vanessa York: That's it?
    Luis Alvarado: Yup.
    Vanessa York: Nothing else?
    *Luis wipes his mouth with a napkin*
    Luis Alvarado: If I say anything about him I'll just be retreading what everyone else has been saying. That guy has been around the block more than a few times; He's heard it all already.
    *Luis takes a sip of wine makes a disgusted face and sets it aside*
    Luis Alvarado: I could compare him to this disgusting wine but that's too easy and a bit mean to the wine
    Vanessa York: Ok, so what's your plan for the match.
    Luis Alvarado: Look at you always professional.
    Vanessa York: It's my job.
    Luis Alvarado: Anyway my plan is to win.
    Vanessa York: Anything more to the plan?
    Luis Alvarado: No.
    Vanessa York: Anything else you want to say?
    Luis Alvarado: Actually I want to here about you
    Vanessa York: Me?
    *Vanessa says with a surprised look on her face*
    Luis Alvarado: Si, every time we meet we're always talking about me, let's change it up and talk about you ?
    Vanessa York: Sure, sounds fun
    Luis Alvarado: Has anybody interviewed you before?
    Vanessa York: Of course, for jobs and such.
    Luis Alvarado: I mean you as a person, like what you want to do and how you're going to do it? Kinda like how you do me?
    Vanessa York: Well, not really.
    Luis Alvarado: Well let me ask you another question.
    Vanessa York: Shoot.
    Luis Alvarado: Why did you become an interviewer?
    Vanessa York: I like knowing more about people and it's interesting what some people say.
    Luis Alvarado: But why wrestling?
    Vanessa York: It's full of colorful characters, you can see things here you can't see anywhere else.
    Luis Alvarado: Like?
    Vanessa York: Well, people like you, Des, H,-
    Luis Alvarado: What's special about me?
    Vanessa York: That way you carry yourself, you're so full of confidence and gusto. You always think everything you say is right, whether that's a good thing or a bad thing.
    Luis Alvarado: I am pretty interesting.
    *The Waiter puts the bill on the table*
    Luis Alvarado: Anything else?
    *Luis Puts a hundred in the bill booklet and stands up and gets ready to leave*
    Vanessa York: Not really.
    *Vanessa stands up and gets ready to leave*
    Luis Alvarado: Do you want to learn any new info on me *Wink*.
    Vanessa York: Hold on, Tiger. I got to turn this in to my boss;It has to get on the website some how. Remember, this was an interview not a date.
    *Vanessa York leaves the Restaurant and heads to her car*
    Luis Alvarado: Mierda
    *The Waiter leans in*
    Waiter: I guess she didn't want any dessert, huh?
    Luis Alvarado: Yup, I'm eating ice cream alone tonight.
    *Luis grabs his coat and leaves the Restaurant*

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