One Reason Why WWE Isn't Pushing Ziggler

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Roadster, Jun 16, 2014.

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  1. Employers can't do that without getting the ass sued out of them.
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  2. yea guys are prone to concussions when you kick them full force in the head--- swagger
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  3. Once you're medically cleared for long term work a job can't really restrict you from doing anything for that reason, there has to be lingering symptoms. They just have different creative plans in place that the company feels are better for the moment, I think Dolph has like a little less than half a year on his contract left if I'm not mistaken and I'm sure tensions are high in the negotiation process seeing as he hasn't had a decent storyline in forever.
  4. BS. Before he got his WHC push he jobbed like a bitch for a long time and he had never been hurt before. Plus, didn't he take time off, like, twice (being that in the first one as Dolph's said Swagger punted his head legit)? Weird.
  5. Another reason; He's not THAT good. :pipebomb:
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  6. What is he lacking in your holy opinion? His overselling can be annoying but I don't see that being a dealbreaker
  7. He's fine, and I guess he's deserving of more than being a mere jobber. I just don't like him as much as others. He doesn't sell me on the mic and neither do his ring skills (aside from the selling/bumping, which is pretty fun). 6-7/10.
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  8. he's just desperately trying to be hip like always
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  9. I think it's BS, too. The reason he's not being pushed is not because his injury prone, it can't be.
    What I think and what I read months ago is probably because he's CM Punk #2. There's some backstage heat between him and the people in charge, he's probably making bumps and stuff... which sucks, 'cause Ziggler's awesome!
  10. Flair wanted to work with him, but apparently WWE shot it down.

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  11. Jesus living up to his name ITT being a total jabroni
  12. Ironic because this is a Ziggler thread.
  13. Flair with Ziggler would be poison.

    He get's shit on because people at the top don't like his look, plain and simple. He is hugely over, has great matches, CAN go the distance, and his concussions were fuck ups on the part of people apparently who are not to blame for it.

    He isn't Christian, if anything he is Jericho.
  14. Sub-par mic skills, not much of a character (being a "Showoff" isn't that interesting of a persona), etc. To me, he's the perfect midcarder. He can get pops (not Daniel Bryan pops, but good reactions nonetheless) and can definitely deliver in the ring, but he isn't the most charismatic guy in the company and his best assets aren't strong enough to make me want to see him get pushed straight to the top. It's not like midcarders don't play a integral role in the company, so I don't see the shame in Ziggler remaining in the undercard.
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  15. If there was a WCW right now, he would shine there and return to upper card WWE, and WIN MATCHES. He wouldn't win every one, but he has to only have 2-3 wins over the entire 2014. He is 100% what Scott Hall talked about when he mentioned his time in WWE, where he was told he sold too well and would end up jobbing for it. The only difference is he is 6-4 and the perfect size for Vince.

    DZ is this generations Y2J, a guy that could be given his own gimmick and could run so much further than the WWE machine has done for him. I am not a DZ mark anywhere near as much as Ryder (who I believe is the right size for a push over ADR Swag and many others) but DZ is someone you could put against anyone. He couldn't get boo'd if he pissed on a statue of jesus on the cross from a forklift being controlled by a fake hitler.
  16. WWE logic :dafuq:, if that's the case they can stop pushing Cena who has numerous injuries.

    Ziggler has been outspoken about his lack of a push and frustration before, that's why I think they are not pushing him.
  17. As much as people hate Cena and HHH, both have worked with pretty outstanding injuries. They might get the superman moments but they do really do things most men could not. I'm not saying I'm a mark for either (Iam a mark for both) but you really do have to give credit where it's do to what they have done for the WWE.
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  18. I'll post both instead of worrying about remembering later on.

    Look at Cena's elbow, do it. He worked for weeks if not months with that disgusting deal, and then came back early to fight more. I know the haters gonna hate, but is he really a man? No one has what he had and still comes back early from an injury because he wants to wrestle more. I am not huge on him losing the series to Bray but am hopeful this continuation means he is going to put Bray over in the long run with the f'in belt ffs.

    They all have injuries and have worked with them, Ziggler being shit on isn't as simple as "he gets concussions," in any other industry you tell people you put dicks in and around your mouth like Young and you shine, dude has failed out miserably, Pat Patterson just must not prefer consent.
  19. Fuck you WWE stopping Dolph's push just cos of his past injuries yet Cena is still shoved down our throats every week
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