Kayfabe One Sixxy Night

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*Richie Sixx is makes his way down to the ring before his match against Kevin Taylor, pre match he grabs a mic*
Richie: I am the prettiest, most sixxy thing to ever grace an Exodus ring, and for me to be forced to be put into a ring with such an ugly man. Most women and men I work with are the prettiest things to ever exists, women with sex appeal higher than the amount of seconds that it will take me to defeat Kevin Taylor. Let's talk about this Kevin guy, first of all he looks like this guy I know named Jay had some weird Sixx with a stray cat, and 9 lives later that popped out.
*Richie is met with a sea of laughs*
Richie: I have played everything from a pizza boy to a milk man, but one thing i don't play is loser, and Kevin let me show you why every women in the world wants a night of Sixx with me, and the only person who will ever like you is a mop. Goodnight.
*Richie looks into the hard camera and winks*
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