One step ahead of WWE Network. VHS rules again

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Idiot #1, Feb 18, 2014.

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  1. WWE Network will not offer anything for me, I tape Raw and Smackdown on VHS every weeks and have so for over a decade.

    Wrestling fans should have thought ahead, and jumped on the VHS banwagon, saved you a lot of money lads
  2. Who the hell uses VHSs anymore. There are so many things that can screw up with them (footage moves, the video warps, sound is delayed or doesn't work, or the tapes screw up). Even if you used VHSs in the past, would you rather watch it in that quality, or in the HD quality offered on the network? Be realistic.
  3. vhs gets the job done, I tape Raw and Smackdown every week on VHS and store them, saves me a ton of money.

    You cannot do that with SKY PLus as you will not have the space. I have every RAW and Smackdown on VHS in the past 10-15 years, how about that lad.
  4. I used to do that, I have every Raw from 94-99. Then for what ever reason I just stoped. I also have all PPVs from that time frame on VHS too.
  5. That's not something to be proud of. Maybe the older episodes, but not the new ones. The VHSs will just end up getting damaged and eventually make the videos unplayable. Congrats.
  6. not if you store them right.

    whilst some fans are fumbling their change trying to by a DVD, I get it for free on VHS
  7. How in hell should 10 bucks a month be such a crime to any middle class person. I'm not saying everyone is middle class but come on you people have Netflix (bigger service, I understand) for 8$ a month, I'm pretty sure $10 a month can suffice.

    And VHSs always wear away, nothing you can do to prevent it.
  8. yes there is. I bought Dark Knight on DVD and after 20 watches it broke. My VHS collection has not done that to me yet.

    Just face it I saved money by being smart lad
  9. Who watches the same fucking movie 20 times?

    Also, I doubt it broke and one of your precious little VHSs didn't.

    It doesn't save money, it wastes space both with the VCR and with the tapes.
  10. not really

    I do not have to buy DVD's, or subscribe to Netflzx of whatever its bloody called. I just reach under my bed, and I have all I need
  11. Cause that's definitely something to be proud about.
  12. Lol this thread is funny Im glad I came here to find out someone was still living in the 90s, early 2000s.
    Get with the program guy VHS's are worn out, the more you watch one and it has to unreal it's roll and rewind it back up the more wear and tear it does to it, DVDs/CDs only stop working if you get them cleaned so many times to where they thin out too far or if they are scratched because you have no idea how to take care of them :emoji_slight_smile:
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  13. DVD's can get things spilt on though.

    One night I spilt some chips and cheese on my Dark Knight DVD after a night down the local boozer, ruined it for me.

    My VHS's are more durable, not a scratch
  14. That's your own fucking fault, not the failure of DVDs.
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  15. Lol if you knew how to take care of your shit let alone yourself you wouldn't have that type of problem..
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  16. doesnt matter anyway I still got my WWE backed up

    could you watch a episode of smackdown from 2004 in a instant without paying cash?
  17. Why would we want to watch an episode of Smackdown from 2004 for 1...

    and 2 yes I can:

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  18. VHS? Is it still 1994 and I just missed it?

    It's too much to spend 60$ on the Network for six months (at a time) of unlimited programming of your choosing (in superior quality of that of a VHS, I might add)?
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  19. yeah, but watching stuff on computer is shit, crap quality, give me the old telly anyday

    plus, wwe will be soon taking down all that anyway, thats when the miveld cashes in
  20. All those VHS tapes must have cost you a bit though.
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