One thing I didn't like about the end

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  1. Now I think about it, there is a pretty big flaw in the final Bryan/Orton/HHH segment.

    How was HHH's pedigree so powerful that Bryan didn't move afterwards? Bryan had already kicked out of the pin off Cena's attitude adjustment, a move that has beaten countless people and is the finisher of an 11 time WWE champ. He then went on to beat Cena in a long match. But HHH, a part-timer, is able to destroy him with one pedigree. Don't like that tbh.
  2. Well then again, he'd just been through a tough hard-fought match that I'd assume after winning, he'd be so tired that HHH could just unleash a Pedigree (note that HHH was at full strength and not tired) and Bryan just couldn't get up.
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  3. I think you're over analyzing it. How bout I pedigree you and when you don't get up you'll understand.
  4. Bryan was tired and unprepared. Plus the adrenaline rush from the match could be classed as a reason.
  5. He didn't see it coming. He saw the AA coming and was like, yeah, I can kick out.
  6. Yeah, I agree. There was plenty of time between the pedigree, the cash in, and the pin for him to kick out. I would have preferred a kick out and a loss to the r.k.o. but :pity2:
  7. What CFCrusader said. Plus, maybe the Pedigree is just a stronger move than the AA in kayfabe terms. Just because they're both finishers doesn't mean they're equally as devastating. Honestly though, you're just looking too much into it.
  8. It also makes Orton look like he did nothing at all, which just adds more heat.
  9. He kicked out of the AA BEFORE the pedigree? Come on people. He just went through a 20+ minute match that was back and forth the entire time. It could be stated he used his new finisher as a last attempt at win, as Cena could have countered it, and things might have just went a different route (kayfabe)

    He was already tired as hell at the end of his match with Cena, and the Pedigree is sold as one of the biggest moves alongside the tombstone.
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