One thing I don't get is...

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Sep 17, 2013.

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  1. Unless I missed it, did they explain why Armstrong said Bryan was in on it? I thought it would be something like Armstrong being a heel referee by doing HHH's bidding, but he said Bryan was in on it and was then fired. I watched it online so skipped through some stuff so I might have missed it, but what's going on with that?
  2. I was thinking he made the count fast on accident (heat of the moment sort of thing) but then HHH persuaded him backstage to then say on-screen that Bryan was in on it as a good reason to take the belt away from him. But Scott Armstrong being fired sort of puts a dent in that theory.

    I'm only just now making my way through Raw so I've yet to come upon a good/better explanation if there is one.
  3. I didn't understand this at all. Earlier in the match, Orton actually knocks Armstrong out of the ring and then he does the quick count. They didn't mention it on RAW so maybe they changed their mind. Saying that Bryan was in on it makes him looks like a heel. Idk, it was confusing.
  4. I think it could be this:

    >HHH goes to Armstrong before PPV match
    >Armstrong doesn't get it, but obliges Triple HeHH
    >HHH tells Armstrong to say Daniel Bryan is on it, or else he will fire him
    >Fires him anway

    This allow for HHH to try and make it seem like DB isn't such a good guy but a scumbag, and possibly try to hurt his popularity, which he sees as asinine to begin with.

    That's how I took it but I'm sure WWE isn't going that deep
  5. One thing I don't get is..... why did they not follow through with any of the dark matches advertised for last night?

    Oh wait, off topic.
    Yeah, who knows what the hell HHH is thinking or what WWE's logic is on that one. I didn't hear a reason given on screen for Armstrong saying Bryan was in on it. Surely they have some great big storyline planned out that will neatly tie up all the loose ends though.
  6. This is the theory.

    They want this feud to go on but they want Daniel Bryan to win the belt cleanly once Randy Orton, The Shield and Triple H have beaten him down so that he can look really strong when he does win the belt. He got his match at Night of Champions because it was his guaranteed rematch. However it wouldn't make sense if they just kept on giving Daniel Bryan random opportunities and therefore had to have Daniel Bryan win so they could have another rematch. The only problem now is that they need Randy Orton as the champ. Therefore, this quick count allowed Daniel Bryan to win the championship, Randy Orton to get it back and another match with Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton for the WWE championship.

    WWE Theory:

    We want this quick count so Triple H can fire the ref as an example as to what can help if you mess with the game.
  7. That's what I thought too, but like you said, it's very doubtful they would put so much detail like that. Then again, I guess who really knows
  8. I think D'Z's theory is sound. I thought of it but thought it was flawed since they didn't just switch the belt back to Orton and HHH then fired Armstrong completely. But looking at it deeper, the plan could have been that HHH told Armstrong to call the match fair because he WANTS Orton to win cleanly as a way of showing everyone that Orton does genuinely deserve to be the face of the company over Bryan. But then he also tells Armstrong that if at any point it seems like Bryan could win and Orton might not recover from a three count (a submission loss is a different story), do a fast count and then try and say that he conspired with Bryan to cheat to win the belt. That would give HHH enough incentive to take the belt from Bryan and hold it up.

    I still would question why not just switch the title back to Orton BUT as I mentioned before, maybe HHH genuinely wants Orton to beat Bryan fair and square to prove to everyone he deserves to be poster boy of the company over Bryan. That could also provide a good reason why HHH and Steph chewed Orton out so much backstage and asked him to bring back his amoral Viper persona, because they legitimately know Bryan had Orton defeated the night before and Orton needs to be more aggressive to ensure that doesn't happen again.

    As for Armstrong being fired, that could all be apart of the cover up to further convince skeptical people that HHH wasn't involved. Maybe Armstrong will show up with his kids next week or something and plead to HHH/Steph on-screen to rehire him because he's got a family to feed. And HHH does, thus convincing people that he didn't plot anything out with Armstrong because he fired him, although he still ends up getting his job back anyway. (OR since HHH says that he offered Armstrong a huge severance pay, maybe Armstrong happily takes his permanent unemployment to help sell the story.)

    But yeah, seems a bit too complex than WWE usually likes to go (even though it's still fairly easy to keep up with for me.)
  9. #wwelogic
  10. HHH said he was "going to take care of him"
  11. I think it's not over. I think somehow it'll be revealed that it was HHH who ordered said fast count by Armstrong in case DB would win so he could vacate the belt somehow.
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