One thing you'd add to the site.

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Crayo, Feb 22, 2012.

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  1. Post one thing you'd want. Could be a feature, a design idea, section, anything, one thing only.
  2. A hashtag plugin with trends but we've spoken about that before so I'm not sure if it counts.
  3. I guess it counts but that's cheating, something else! :emoji_slight_smile:
  4. A link to the youtube in the header like the one that links to the twitter? I'm out of ideas tbh.
  5. Ice Cream Bar award.

  6. Not gonna happen.
  7. HTML in posts :emoji_wink:
  8. What reason is there for it :huh:
  9. Not going to happen :emoji_slight_smile:

    A toplink named "YouTube" with a drop down menu of our official YT channels might be cool.
  10. An auto-image resizer.. It could be very useful since not everyone likes to spoiler their images.... Like me... :emoji_wink:
  11. Code:
    [img=50x50]link here[/img]
    Instead of 50x50 make it the size you want.
  12. To be honest a resizer is a good suggestion.
  13. Also, for the winter time, a snow plug-in would be epic.. I believe it's just a plug-in, but you can get it through Javascript as well...

  14. Make it so it's optional rather then just for everyone if it's added in. It would piss me off after a while.
  15. Crayo hates snow and it's nowhere near Winter anyway.
  16. Xanth, it still is Winter... Herp.
  17. Not in my mind.
  18. Also, Crayo, Anon could make it where's it's optional.
  19. Snow is for Christmas, not winter. This is WWE Forums, not weather forums.
  20. Winter - TNA Wrestling

    RKO wins.
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