O'Neill has been sacked

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Robbie Coletrain, Mar 30, 2013.

  1. Wow, what retards, surely they will go down now. Ridiculous decision, if they were going to wait until the end of the season for christ sake. Thoughts?
  2. They're in the shit either way IMO.
  3. Who the hell would take over? I can't think of any managers out there...

    Although Michael Appleton seems to like changing clubs.
  4. Exactly, and even if someone new comes in he doesn't have enough time to change anything, he can't bring in new players or even really change the tactics in 7 games, embarrasing tbh.
  5. They actually just joked about someone on Talksport but it's not a bad shout.... Alan Curbishley.
  6. He's a better shout than some of the people, like Di Canio. :haha:
  7. Most new managers hit a winning streak however so I suppose that could play in their favour.

    PDC would be awesome just for his antics, plus a lot of Scumderland fans ( :haha: ) are complaining about a lack of passion, he may be a fascist but PDC is passionate.
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  8. Alex McLeish....

    Kevin Ball?
  9. @Jonathan what do you think of this? Stupid timing or are you happy?
  10. Ha, typical Sunderland dumb assess. Sacks him after losing to the most in form team in England... And not when they were losing to lesser teams when there was more games left.
  11. Exactly, QPR beat them a few weeks ago but no losing to United is too far, it cannot be tolerated.
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  12. United suck. How dare Sunderland lose to the Manchester jobbers.
  13. Good. We were slipping down the table and haven't won since we beat Wigan 2 months ago. 3 points from 24 is simply not good enough. Di Canio, Di Mateo or Poyet to replace him. We must have a replacement lined up else it would make no sense. According to journalists on Twitter, Ellis Short was fuming after the 3-1 defeat to QPR and hinted to change towards the development and scouting systems but it was thought O'Neill was safe.

    Not sure why it didn't come after the Norwich draw though. The way that game planned out we had to win it. A 1-0 defeat to United (for a relegation-threatened side) is a respectable score tbh.
  14. I agree that if he were to be sacked it should be after games like Wigan or other losses against relegation contenders, but to leave it so late in the season is abysmal. In football you need to be able to foresee things. The Southampton manager switch was ironically done at the perfect time, and it was seen as the most controversial sacking of the season. If you want to switch things up to strengthen your chances of survival, you don't do it with 8 games left to go. Leaving it so late was a stupid decision in my opinion; it gives the new manager so much pressure. Whoever comes in now is going to be expected to survive regardless, and he is taking over a team he has had ZERO time with while they are in the worst form in the league with only a mere 8 games to go.
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  15. Looks like it's going to be Steve McLaren from with his fabulous Dutch accent. :lol1:
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  16. Mclaren? What odds can I get on them going down next season too? His tenure at Forest was bloody awful.
  17. Lmao, yup he's 2-1 favorite to get the job, like you said, an easy 6 points for both Boro and Wednesday next season. :otunga:
  18. Sunderland better get used to non-league football in a few years then. God that guy is awful. I would have went for PDC to be honest; the guy has the passion and presence to change the team in a short period, but it requires full backing which is probably hard considering his out-there personality. I'm staggered that people consider Di Matteo for this - the guy won the CL and FA Cup in his first season with arguably the worst Chelsea side in their modern era, yet no one has took him yet. I'm surprised no foreign team has acquired his services.
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  19. PDC is a legend, a referee pushing, Nazi saluting, breaking into his own office after being sacked kind of legend but still one.
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  20. Definitely. God I'd mark for his press conferences like I used to with the God that is Ian Hollaway. Imagine those two having a bust up.
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