Ongoing SmackDown spoilers - 22nd June

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Crayo, Jun 19, 2012.

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  1. Face fucing palm. BRYAN AND KANE are now feuding? I'm so mad atm. Dolph losing clean to Sheamful again.
  2. Looks craptacular.

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  3. Thats the whole show? Seems really short, i guess the 1/3rd commercials will help make up for time. DZ losing again to sheamus (probably clean)....looks like another week to watch TNA and skip through most of Smackdown.....Superstars could be good again though.
  4. Okay. I don't care who's at fault, anyone remotely involved with WWE Creative HAS to be replaced. This shit cannot be allowed to continue. Vince, I thought you knew something about wrestling. I thought you knew how to put on a good show... Whatever assclowns wrote or okay'ed this script do not have a fucking clue what they are doing. Fire them all, and Vince and your entire family, please get the fuck away from the wrestling business before it collapses all over you.
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  5. I say give HHH the shovel and let him bury himself. TNA TNA TNA TNA
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  6. I say, I'm going to Spike, going to there shows, clicking on Impact Wrestling, go to the free episodes sections, and watching reruns of Impact Wrestling.
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  7. It looks like Titus O'Neil and Darren Young are going to face Punk and Sheamus this month... they're the only heels getting anything resembling a push.

    So, any news on how many MITB Matches there will be?

    @Aids and Farooq: Tna. Tna. TNA. TNA. TNA! TNA! TEE ENN AYE.
  8. Otunga dancing to Brodus' music.:lol1:
  9. Judging by this episode, RAW will be worse and better.

    Big Show - One month feud with Cena has ended, hopefully he'll be buried as he's not winning MITB.
    Bryan - If he gets into a feud with Kane for AJ I'll be pissed. WWE knows that will lessen his reactions. Vince mad that this "Vanilla Midget" is more popular than any of his bodybuilders.
    Sheamful - Appears to still be feuding with Dolph? Not sure if it was just another random burial.
    ADR - Went over US champion quickly, beats IC champion, they still won't put him in a midcard feud. Yeah, nice way to build that gorgeous midcard Vince.
    Swagger - In the dog house.
  11. Big Show apparently not getting a big push, Clay getting an advantage over him somewhat and Otunga dancing. :dawg:

    Was Ryback over or are they starting to edit pops in decently? Didn't notice those dubbed pops that are always there, seemed real. One way or the other, it was decent. :dawg:

    Del Rio going over both midcard champions in the same week pretty much cleanly, Christian still feuding with Rhodes and stale ADR isn't put in the damn midcard, turns face or any change is made regarding him. :downer:

    Kane pins Bryan and they'll probably feud over AJ. :downer: :downer:

    Tag Team division and Prime Time Players seem to be getting relevant, give them some more mic time so they'll create more catchphrases and all, be more "comedic", closer to Edge and Christian. Plus, a storyline for the tags. :dawg:

    Santino segment. :downer:

    Random non-televised HHH burial. :bury: :shovel:

    Sheamus going over Dolph clean again for no apparent reason, while he doesn't seem to break up with Vickie or anything. Not only that, in the end, after Sheamus hit Dolph 10 times in the ropes, he seemed to be reacting somehow, reversed a few moves while the announcers put him over until Sheamus (who's limping) hits a Brogue Kick and wins. :downer: :downer:
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  12. Excellent way of reviewing things :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:. Agree with all.
  13. Thanks Crayo. :dawg:
  14. "Jack Swagger came out an cut a promo. He talked about being an "All American American." Triple H's music hits and he hits the ring, nails Swagger with a pedigree and then heads to the back. This will likely not be televised."

  15. :bury: :shovel:
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