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  1. More specifically, browser-based multiplayer online sports management games. Curious if anyone else plays any of these? There are a few that I know of, but they seem more common for European based sports.

    They tend to function in a similar way - you sign up for and you get a club/team that you typically get to create the details for, and a squad of players. Games are typically "real-time" and run once a week in smaller (8 teams being common) leagues. The games typically involved different management elements, including managing players, training, tactics, finances, and often a youth academy of some kind. Some offer subscription for a small fee that gives a few extras. These are well-designed and well-run games with a pretty diverse userbase.
    I've tried both a basketball and baseball versions, but can't find either. The baseball one was kinda messy and I didn't like it. The basketball one was quite good and I tried to sign up a second time (abandoned my first team) and never got access. I have also actually coached youth basketball (all of the players were 9-10 years old) once before as a volunteer job and will do so again this summer despite having the first practice two hours before the actual game (that was due to scheduling issues) and having these two players, who were more skilled than most of the team, that sometimes were selfish on offense. They would take bad shots and not pass the ball (we ran a motion offense) and I have tried the four passes before a shot concept I was advised to teach, but unfortunately that didn't always work. I've seen ads for hockey based ones but they mostly seemed limited and sketchy.

    So anyone play any of these? Or aware of any good ones that can be added to the list?
  2. Like fantasty football?
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