Extreme Rules Only 2 more Raws & Smackdowns till ER

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  1. So it is happening on May 22nd which means they were left with only 3 Raws and 3 Smackdowns total to do something so seeing the match card being VERY similar to Payback is no surprise. I don't get why they would do two PPV's in one month. Have they done this in the past? Are they trying to add to the injury list? *sigh* I feel like Extreme Rules is happening way to soon after Payback.
  2. It's another b PPV, I don't expect much out of them. Just hope the wrestling is up to par to Payback, minus the few bad endings.
  3. Yes. They did two PPVs in one month last year, as well. It was Payback, followed by Elimination Chamber.

    I'm fine with 'ER happening way too soon after Payback', as long as they continue to build it right. The Payback build was pretty good, if they can do the same with ER, I'll be a happy camper.
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  4. I wanna see Seth Rollins' return here and the reformation of the Shield to face the Bullet Club
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  5. It should be better than Payback, did anything really even happen at payback? I saw no title changes, no feud enhancement - only shit dragging onto the next ppv (natty, AJ, no #1 tag contender, etc) but honestly I don't watch the dogshit product atm, so nearly everything sounds better than Payback did.

    I'll wait until after the ppv, check out who rated the ppv what - and decide from there. I'm hoping for a Cenation return, AJ vs Balor and Cena vs Reigns (it's going to happen whether we like it or not) and eventually Orton, Rollins, etc....BUT for now? WWE isn't doing anything special. I am SO glad I didn't LD for a 30 minute Mcmahon segment. Fucking 30 minutes? Half an Iron Man Match.

    Just tell me when Roode comes to NXT TV and i'll jump on that bandwagon.
  6. Oh, you didn't know?! Montreal Screwjob happened at Payback, dude! lmao

    Cenation returns on May 30th.

    Bálor vs Styles may not happen yet, although I wish I'm wrong. He's going to get his rematch against Joe at the next TakeOver, and word on the street is he might not show up on the main roster until he's completely done with NXT. So, here's to hoping that Bálor appears at ER.

    Yo, Eric Young debuted this week. So, Roode's debut must be on the horizon. Probably at the next TakeOver. I will let ya know, bro.
  7. I am still blown away EY got an NXT contract, great worker, I just never saw that kind of talent tbh.

    ROOOOO on the other hand...move him straight to WWE midcard please.
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  8. I want to say they did 2 ppvs in a month twice last year but I could be wrong?

    Yes I was wrong.
    April 26 was ER
    3 weeks later payback on may 17
    Then 2 weeks later it was elimination chamber.

    So 3 in the span of 5 weeks
  9. Yes, as I've said above. They did two PPVs in one month last year, as well. It was Payback, followed by Elimination Chamber.
  10. Nah I meant 2 in a month, 2 months in a row. But I was wrong lol
  11. They always have done 2 PPVs in a month. It's usually October, July or May that has double PPVs to accommodate the lost month in March. They only don't do it, when Mania takes place in March, but most of the time they do it anyways since there's a lot of time to spare between February and late March.

    Payback and Extreme Rules have almost always been completely similar in cards. Don't expect much, just hope it doesn't suck.
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  12. [​IMG]
  13. Doing two PPVs a month is nothing new. It's happened almost as often as not for the past 10-15 years because they nearly always hold Wrestlemania in early April instead of late March like they used to, and that makes either the first post-WM PPV happen the same month as Wrestlemania (like with WM28 and Extreme Rules in 2012) or pushes the first post-WM PPV to the very first of May, making the first two post-WM PPVs occur in the same month then instead.

    There was also a period between 2005 and 2011 where they were trying to cram as many as 14-16 PPVs into a single calendar year, which lead to at least one or two periods a year where you'd see two PPV events happening in the same month. As an example, from '05 to '07 they had a second PPV in January called New Year's Revolution that would happen at the beginning of the month while the Royal Rumble still traditionally occurred at the end of it.
  14. Yeah. 2006 had 16 PPVs with two in January, June, October, and December. They sold so badly they had to cut brand exclusive PPVs by April 2007, with the last one being No Way Out. Ironically, it's main event was an interpromotional match that had taken place 2-3 times, up till that point.
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