Only one 3MB member left to win a singles title: How to book Heath Slater?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by C.M. Shaddix, Aug 27, 2017.

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  1. Jinder is WWE Champ, Drew is NXT champ, this leaves one more 3MB member to win a singles title: Slater.

    Now Heath has already had a good program with rhyno and has won the SD Tag championship (the first ones ever), so he has achieved all acclaim, but it's time to give an effort to bring him up again to a good status.

    I wanted WWE to put Slater with Rollins and Ambrose against the Miztourage because Dallas and Axel are with Miz, it sets the story up that his social outcast brothers abandoned him and he's looking for redemption. This could of set up an IC title feud with The Miz with Slater finally winning a singles title.

    Got any other ideas folks?
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    I'm a big fan of Heath Slater...he seems like an honest and likeable guy
    and that comes through every second he's on the screen.

    I really enjoyed his story/run/reign as SmackDown tag champions with
    Rhyno (another one of my favorite workers) and I was sad to see it end...
    even if it was ended by the Wyatt Family.

    As far as how to book Slater as a singles champion...the feud with the Miz
    could work...and there are other performers on the RAW roster who could
    also partake in this feud...

    Possibly say...

    Miz, Axel, Dallas & Maryse...
    Slater, Rhyno, Jason Jordan & possibly say Dana Brooke as a female
    counterpoint for Maryse...(as she's blonde, pretty and doesn't have to
    wrestle to play a part)

    I like the idea of this feud because it would give 8 RAW performers a
    story and possibly allow them to be developed as characters.

    The feud could build with several different matches over the course
    of a couple of months with the final act being Slater claiming the IC
    from the Miz.

    That's how I'd book it...

    Then again you could have him lose 10 pounds and go after the
    Cruiserweight title and have him be the likeable American to
    Neville's evil English thug.
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