ook It: RVD vs. CM Punk at SummerSlam

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by gareth, Jun 18, 2013.

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  1. As many of us saw and heard, breaking news occurred during WWE Payback. Rob Van Dam will be returning next month at the Money in the Bank pay-per-view. This was an instant pop for many people in the WWE Universe, as it would be interesting to see how he manages in today's WWE product.
    But let's be honest—is the acquisition of RVD really that big?
    The last time we saw him in a full-time schedule in the WWE was in 2007, as he was rebuilding a partly interesting ECW brand that resurrected due to high media sales and fan buzz.
    Unfortunately—as we saw—it became "WWEized," which had its benefits, but not to the ECW fans who were salivating over the hardcore style. Eventually, ECW was dead. This time, it was for good.
    Oh, yeah—let's not forget about his Stretcher Match at One Night Stand 2007.

    Shall we briefly talk about his TNA run? I don't want to get you off your RVD high too soon. It was very below par. Yes, he won the TNA World and X Division title, but his runs were not very good, and it did nothing to help the product in the long run.
    Instead, he saw limited traveling and dates, which helped him out, but not for the fans. He just wasn't that consistent, and he was totally out of shape. With that being said, it brings us to the present.
    He is back in the WWE, and people are pumped.
    There is good news and bad news. The good news is that if he is in the MITB match. The bad news is, he is working on a short-term, limited schedule. So that means another part-time wrestler is here to steal the spotlight from Damien Sandow, Cody Rhodes and Wade Barrett.
    So where do you put a 42-year-old, part-timer to draw money? The best option would be in a program with CM Punk. He has a history of successfully competing in feuds with people in that category (Triple H, Kevin Nash, Chris Jericho and The Undertaker). Why not add another one?
    A match at SummerSlam would be a big draw. It would give CM Punk a good non-title spot on the pay-per-view, RVD a good opponent to showcase his unique style, and Paul Heyman a good back story to work with. It will be refreshing to see a matchup has never been seen before.
    The only interaction we have seen between the two was a short time during ECW.
    RVD—in order to not be shrouded with the current popularity of Daniel Bryan, CM Punk, Randy Orton, The Shield and the soon-to-be Wyatt Family—needs to immediately find his place when he returns. If not, his limited schedule would be more limited than expected.
    This is why CM Punk would be the perfect opponent, and SummerSlam would be the perfect platform.
    Would you favor a RVD vs. CM Punk match at SummerSlam? Sound off, respectfully, below.
  2. RVD is garbage.
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  3. This should definitely be ooked.
  4. Punk would have to work his ass off to make this a good match. I don't see Van Dam having the eye for psychology to make this work.
  5. This is highly illogical unless Heyman aligns with RVD giving him the motivation to attack Punk although even that is bizarre with Brock's attack on Punk. So from a storyline perspective it doesn't make much sense, now from an entertainment standard? Probably not, RVD has very poor cardio nowadays which will effect his ability to have a great match immensely. He's never been much outside of a cool move set and willing bumper so he can't carry the March emotionally either. I just don't see it.
  6. Blatant copy and paste... why is this guy not banned?
  7. Huh where is it from? I'm assuming bleacher, also it isn't against the rules. Dickish sure but not illegal.
  8. Dude...
  9. I don't know but I don't feel like it will be a good feud tbh, I would like to see Ziggler/RVD feud over the World title though.
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  10. blown away by your name, nice post.
  11. What is wrong with posting threads with news/topics you found interesting on another site? I don't get why you are butthurt Jonerthin. What does it matter?
  12. He's trying to become a mod.
  13. When people post news stories, they at least change information or give their opinion on the subject. This is just a plain copy and paste.
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  15. Maybe he wants to see our opinions.
  16. itt Jonathan over reacting like the Snuderlad fan that he is
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