Oooooh That's Gotta Hurt!

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Kooldip, Feb 8, 2014.

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    I was playing 2k14 yesterday (such a pleb game right?) and I thought of something that I personally think would be a fantastic idea for WWE (or TNA) to implement.

    Now, the segment wouldn't actually be named after the title of this thread, but something to the effect of it. Basically, the segment would highlight the real effects of a certain move. If we think back to the show "Deadliest Warrior", they would demonstrate the damaging power of a certain weapon by testing it out on a replica skull/head. WWE could easily do the same sort of thing and it would help get over so many different moves (especially submissions) that have lost their luster.

    Lets say the first segment is spent highlighting something simple like an Atomic Drop, a move that literally no one uses. They could create graphics that show the damage caused by taking an Atomic Drop and really reinforce the results of taking an Atomic Drop. Or they can highlight a move that is seen every week like the 619. It looks like it would do little to no damage, just based on Rey's size and how much he's slowed down these days. If they make a 1-2 minute clip on the damage a move like that could cause, it would do Rey a lot of good.

    I think a segment like this has a lot of potential would do the entire roster a huge favor.

    What do you guys think?

    (I apologize for my incorrect usage of 'effect' lol I don't care enough to use it right)

  2. Seems like something that would be on their Youtube channel rather than TV.
  3. Could be a fun Youtube filler, I'd dig Regal showing off subs.
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