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  1. lolcenawins.wikia.com

    So... the admin noticed my shenanigans and killed off the wiki, my bad hahaha. Should I start a new one?
  2. Well, unless it ain't getting killed off this time, then do it. lol
  3. Well j just made a sample wikia page to work with... But I gotta know how to code infoboxes and other templates and shit, and I'm of course never consistent with administration or moderation, or my attention span lol. I'll see where it goes, id love a lot of help with it since I'm not that beknowest to lol wwe history
  4. Buy a cheap domain and install mediawiki.
  5. Lmao I told you, I don't know shit but I just like making stuff. Not my biggest intentions purchasing a domain under the wiki blueprint
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