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Discussion in 'Suggestions & Questions' started by Jonathan, Mar 14, 2013.

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  1. Legends paid for this and now we can't do it anymore :Sad:
  2. I'm probably going to get a better one made. When Staff close threads, users either reply to them because of this feature or they re-open them. That was not the features purpose. Blame the users who abused it.
  3. You know there's currently a plugin (I believe on MyBBCentral which I can get if you need) where once a mod closes a thread it disables the open/close option for the OP.

  5. So Jonathan wins ?
  6. Xanth wasn't being sarcastic, he was being lazy. He genuinely wanted the link lol.

    Though he's forgotten his central login information.
  7. Ah right, my bad sorry Xanth.
  8. Yes, enable that plugin and bring back the Open/Close feature for Legends.
  9. Assuming Crayo definitely wanted this back, I've enabled it. Legends only of course.
  10. Was it the plugin in the OP or the one we had before? The one we had before was annoying, but if it's the OP one then sweet.
  11. It's the plugin from MyBBcentral.
  12. Awesome.

    Thread closed then.
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