Open ended idea: Book more triple threats on free TV

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Red Rain, Oct 13, 2015.

  1. Would it be cool if WWE started doing more triple threat matches on free TV, on occasion?
    I realize the bread and butter of big draws is always the standard one-on-match.
    If booked correctly, triple threat matches can draw more interest and create unique dynamics on TV
    --- You involve more competitors but it gives the audience the opportunity to choose one-on-one feuds based on their reactions to different spots during the match.
    ---Triple threats allow competitors to rest and create surprising interactions you wouldn't generally expect, especially if it gives more ring time to an unseasoned worker.
    --- A triple threat also allows two people who hate each other to be in a match without interacting much thus ruining a huge payoff on a PPV.

    This shakes things up and if subscriptions fall, do away with it.
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  2. I like triple threats, in certain cases, and WWE could do more of them. But, nothing beats a singles match of you ask me. Just 2 of the best, in their division, fighting it out.

    Triple threats shake it up but having them too often can ruin their special feel.
  3. I agree they have a special feel but so did suicide dives.
    Standard matches are extremely boring which is why the high spot was created.
    Being afraid to use them on tv for PPV sake is being too conventional.
    I agree with you, in part, because we've been conditioned as such.

    I accept your argument, but would like to see subscribers drop after implementation.
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  4. I wouldn't mind seeing them implemented more, but I don't think this will have any real positive long or even short-term effect either way. Is anyone, let alone a significant enough number of people, seriously gonna start becoming more invested in the product just because more three-way matches are being booked on TV?
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  5. If the matches are booked with effort, hopefully so.
    Triple threats build drama so easily on their own that the underdog element is heightened exponentially.
    People would be less likely to pass on triple threat matches considering their success rate.

    Increasing the storytelling and action while cutting down on individual workload would hopefully increase interest in the in-ring product.

    Conditioning the audience to understand what triple threats bring to tv match is key.
  6. triple threat matches are apparently pretty tough to work and choreograph for the superstars which is probably why they don't happen very often because most WWE matches follow the same routine and formula nowadays
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  7. I don't get how they could be any harder than tag matches? The formula seems simple. 2 usually beat one down... 2 fight. It switches etc
  8. a tag match is still much different. the pace of the match is more steady. in a triple threat its a constant 3 man dance and somebody has to try to lead 2 instead of 1 so it has to be vey well thought out. i love a good triple threat done right tho. One of my favorite matches so far this year was Lesanr vs Cena vs Rollins.
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  9. I assume he means that the timing must be right to avoid sloppy or rushed finishes.
    If you watch the Rollins/Lesnar/Cena triple threat from Royal Rumble 2015, you'll notice Lesnar asking if it was okay to get up after the announcing desk spot.
    If a resting competitor arises too soon, he could easily throw off the timing for the rest of the bout.
    This becomes more of an issue in, say, a MITB ladder match but this is what I believe stonecoldsamadams was alluding to.

    By and large, in a tag bout, the resting guy will know its time to get up when the crowd begins to heat up for the hot tag.
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  10. I see what you're both saying. Idk I mean I guess it's "harder" but I certainly think they could do it more. Like every couple months or so, have a triple threat for a mid car title or something.
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  11. I'm more than cool with triple-threats being implemented more often.

    To answer this:
    The Rock is the cure for that. Just watch it happen.
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  12. TT's do a good job at drawing people to watch but as mentioned above, they are hard to execute properly so they don't do them as often. I wouldn't mind seeing them more, heck, fatal four-ways would be fun to see more often as well.
  13. Speaking of money in the bank. The MITB match this year was terrible for that reason. A lot of the match was a basically a 1 on 1 with all the other superstars laying outside o the ring and rotating positions
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