Open Letter to WWEF

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Danielson, Jul 31, 2014.

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  1. Play while reading for dramatic effect. (I can't listen and read at the same time :-( ]

    Late 2012 to mid 2013 this place was rockin'. Group wars were prevalent, and it was all good fun. I would get a kick out of making things a bigger deal than they were to see how everyone would react. It was always gimicky imo, which made it great. I know I played the blindless DB mark who cheered at him for everything(not so far off, but extreme) I think I've said I would lick his farts and stuff, clearly something I would never do, but we all played a part in it. I think losing some members and arguing sort of blew this thing up. Also, some of us are getting older and starting to have more priorities. Myself, Deathbane, Senhor, Deth, Britta, Dat Kid, (several others) all joined within 2 months of each other and it had a Wiley vet vs Newbies feel which was so dope. I dunno, it would be nice to regain the spark from those times, but I dunno, I'm a pessimist. I think the best thing would be if we got another influx of members that tried to keep the site relevant the way we did. Sure, Britta was out there, and Deth would be crazy, Senhor would offer logic, Dat Kid was creative, and I just enjoyed the ride. We kept this place active, we made threads, upon threads, upon threads, to the point where it was borderline overkill. Now it's a complete 180. I come here to talk to maybe 5 people? I still watch the product, but I don't know how to convey my displeasure for the product without turning people off. I'd rather just read what y'all say and try to see it in another light. One thing I know for sure, the sports section has it's guys, and we keep that section active. Dolph ziggler does his best to keep the site going. He's pretty much the most consistent person here as far as I'm concerned.

    Can we regain the spark? Or, is this site doomed? Does anyone want to make a post commitment? I think if enough people are interested, I can commit 1,000k+ posts a month. I know I know, you all love me and want for it to happen anyways, but I can't be just talking to myself. Let's do it.
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  2. Except for the one "I'm leaving" incident... which I hear nearly everyone has had (it's nice to join the club)... I am dedicated 100% to this place. I enjoy all the interactions, good and bad, and I have learned quite a bit in my 6 months here. I want too see this place more active and I have tried my best to keep it that way as well... flooding the boards with new threads in the midst of inactivity.. keeping articles regularly posted.. posting pics regularly in the gallery... voicing my opinion to Admin without reservation.. trying to utilize every resource available.

    Some people could give less than a shit about me but no one can deny my dedication to this place. I am willing to commit to 700-800 posts a month regularly... as I have done for at least the past 4 months or so. I feel comfortable here and I think that's reasonable... hopefully you "vets" will eventually welcome me into the fold.

    Great thread Danny.. looking forward to reading further responses.
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  3. Dude, I've accepted you, and I don't think your contributions have gone unnoticed. You're a good user pal, keep up the good work.
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  4. I'd put in 1k in the next month or two.

    I think the fact that the site has grown so big but it's like inflation. The site is a thousand times more valuable then it was back in 2011 buts it's empty hype. I hate reading the "About" part on the bottom, no offense to Solipimp but the site has 5000 member where 30 actually post. We have the worse LD traffic in any of the wrestling forums I've seen. There's more guests online then they're actual members. People post more often and sometimes ONLY post in the IWT section rather then the wrestling. Solipimp doesn't post which IMO takes away from the original feel of the site where Crayo would be arguing with members even though he owned the site, lol. Most posts in the wrestling sections are just random troll posts. Only about 6 active members joined in 2014. The site is the perfect personification of warm on the outside but cold on the inside. It seems great , you join and you wait for people to post and it doesn't happen.

    You look back and the stupidest of threads got 5+ pages filled now HQ threads don't get that many.
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  5. Awww Danny, I'll talk to you!
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  6. I have to agree, I haven't been as active as I should be and I think it's due to the fact that there isn't a whole lot going on in the forum, the only thing that's really spark an interest in me is the Steph Verse Brie storyline that i adore. but that's about it, I would like to see more people active in the NXT section of WWEF. I am a huge fan of NXT and I would love to be able to speak about the rookies with all of you.
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  7. I pinky swear! Great Thread :emoji_slight_smile:
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  8. Believe it or not we would pump thousands and thousands of replies into LD Threads. I can be more active there for sure.
  9. As much as everyone likes to make fun of WZ (everyone does) that site is more active then this one x5.

    If the site was down all night it wouldn't matter or hangs anything because in most sections the same post is always there for days. Look at the BTB section for a prime example.
  10. I'm not going to promise to post X amount of posts- I might not for one reason or another. I'll just say that I will continue to contribute to the forums.
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  11. Definitely agree with the the majority of this.. especially the LD statement. It sucks to have, most of the time, 3 people at most during RAW LDs with a couple other people popping in and out randomly. I mean, from what I've heard, the LDs used to have a lot of people before. What can be done to get that back again? I'm seriously asking for suggestions here... because I've tried, and argued, and tried to get people involved and it just ain't happening. PPV LDs do much better. I know the quality of RAW is below that of PPVs but I also know that most people here watch RAW despite that.. so if you are watching RAW live then why not stop in and discuss it with your fellow forum members?

    @Solidus I hope you take the time to read this thread. These are some of your most active members basically writing a "State of the Forum" address. Hope we can get your feedback on some of this stuff. We want to work with you to grow this place man.
  12. I'll see what I can do, man. I just remember Live discussions being so busy that we had to implement a new method because we would be on to the next page before you even hit refresh. THAT'S how active it WAS. It was insane, you could barely get a word in.
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  13. WrestleMania 30 LD shattered the LD records for this site in 2014.

    Aids, Kid, Deth, D'z, myself, random WatchWrestling people no one remembers, and SOO much more posted on that one. Someone needs to take the Undertaker losing reactions and compile them, lol. And that wasn't even as active as what Danny is saying right now.

    I say we delete any account that has 0 post for overmonth. Delete any account where uses haven't logged in for more than a year to cut down the useless members that dot contribute. And we open up a Guests only section where they ONLY reply to threads (for a limited time) and there, the mods can warm users up for a stay here. Hell I wouldn't mind advertising the place there telling them about features and members and shit.
  14. Is there a way to go back and look? I feel like WM 29 might have been crazier. I remember the site being shut down for hours due to it. Not sure what exactly happened to everyone.
  15. You can try Wayback Machine to look at the site in its glory. WM 30 was the last major activity buzz for the site.
  16. I'm not sure about the deleting accounts thing... that should only be a disciplinary measure. If someone registered and hasn't posted after a month they just might be reading, wanting to post but not feeling comfortable enough to do so. If their account is all of a sudden deleted then it's not the right message to send. For people inactive for a year or more it's most likely because they lost interest in wrestling.. it doesn't mean they might not regain interest again later and find this place in their bookmarks and return. If their account is deleted they would not be able to return. I don't see how inactive accounts are hurting anything... we need more people to create accounts and be active not to worry about the inactive accounts. Why do you think it would benefit the forum to eliminate account? I'm curious to hear your reasoning.

    Anyway.. I remember the WM30 LD.. I was there as well. The thing that gets me is that I know people are watching because, remember when Seth turned on The Shield... the LD went from like 4 people to 10 or more in less than 2 seconds... I know that was a boring ass episode of RAW yup to that point.. I just found that to be funny and intriguing.
  17. There's no need for an account to read posts. Guests can do the same. I've seen the members who never post here on different forums. I actually can say WM 30 was my favorite Mania for the fact that I finally got to share my opinion with other viewers. A definite highlight of my time here.
    Damn. Just damn.
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  18. Apparently Rock vs Punk draws.
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