Opening for RAW will be...

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Jul 30, 2012.

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  2. Makes sense. Cena interrupts.
  3. Hope so, that almost confirms the heel turn. Omg I'm pumped.
  4. It sounds like this weeks Raw will start off as Raw 1000 ended, absolutely epic, and I can't wait to tune in tomorrow night to watch it.

    It seems pretty much nailed on Cena will no doubt interrupt but what are the chances of The Rock also making an appearance?
  5. I don't think Rocky will be there, else he would be advertised for the ratings.
  6. True, unless they are keeping to tight lip to spring a surprise on everybody? I'd mark though is both Cena and Rock came out.
  7. I hope he sits in the middle of the ring again and actually rants for a while.
  8. Yeeeeesssss!!!!!1!!!!111!!!1
  9. It'd be great.
  10. Very excited about it, and somewhat expected it.

    Also, WWE just shared the opening news on their Twitter feed.

  11. Love the faith they have in this man atm.
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  12. I seriously can't express how excited I am for this, also how much I want him to go back to his old theme.
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