Opening Segment for Raw Tonight

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Snowman, Jun 4, 2012.

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    Do we have a "Yawn" smiley?
  2. I actually enjoy Michael Cole segments because he generally makes me laugh and he's an awesome heel interviewer.

    But I'll be yawning during Cena's "I will fight" speech.
  3. Sounds good. Hopefully he'll be as a heel interviewer and not a tweener.
  4. Cole's interviews always entertain me but Cena will have to do something apart from his standard I will fight and smile speech.
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  5. [​IMG]
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  6. No one here will enjoy Cena's speech, it's about Big Show. It'll suck.

    Cole = win though.
  7. Cole's character isn't what it used to be. It's better for commentary now, but I doubt he suddenly reverts back to being a full blown heel tonight. He's never been anything but a kiss ass to Cena anyway, he's not going to be taking shots at him in this interview.
  8. so true, liked.
  9. True, I think they're trying to make Cole more of a tweener, impartial commentator, it would be weird to see him take shots at Cena. I could see it happening though. Don't really have to comment on Cena's speech.
  10. Let me guess, his speech is gonna be something like this: "I am John Cena, and I won't back down from anybody! I won't back down from the 7 foot 500 pound monster known as the Big Show! I am a fighter! I will never give up! I know I have the support of the WWE universe, and I know I can beat him! I will climb out of that cage before Show, then after I beat him John Laurinitas is next! I will fight, and keep fighting until the WWE once again is truly People Power to the WWE universe!"
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  11. Exactly. :upset:
  12. wtf dude, use spoiler tags next time
  13. Monumental return, IMO.
  14. I liked this Cole better...


    Dying on Rocky's jokes. :yay:
  15. I am going to conveniently turn RAW on 10 minutes late tonight
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