Opinions on Jack Swagger?

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Extraterrestrial, Jun 3, 2013.

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  1. Just curious to see everyone's opinion on this guy. I remember him being pretty well liked some months back, but don't really see him mentioned much anymore.

    Personally, I think he's pretty fucking bland. Good in the ring, don't mind watching his matches. But he is awful on the mic (the silly lithp doesn't help), and his character is just so.. well bland. he has no charisma whatsoever. Nothing exciting or interesting about the guy.
  2. When he came back with Zeb I was really excited. He finally had a mouthpiece to go along with his great in ring work. However, I don't know if the character wore thin or creative dropped the ball. I'm going to have to say a little bit of both. He had to evolve a bit after losing to ADR, but did not. I don't know if the character is capable of a comeback at this point, he's entertaining when he's wrestling, so it'd be a shame if he just disappeared for good.
  3. Good worker terrible speaker who is so bad he's a heat magnet.
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  4. To state the obvious - good in-ring worker, but terrible on the mic and a boring personality. Zeb is interesting to listen to, but Swagger just stands there as a black hole of charisma and has no aura or presence at all to draw you into his work otherwise.
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  5. Average is the best word.
  6. He's good in the ring, terribad in the mic.
    I think he should have talked the same way he did during his first run as WHC. Slow being the main word.
    Also, if he didn't fuck up, he could have been somewhat more interesting.
  7. I liked him a lot when he was the All American American gimmick and I somewhat enjoy him now. Like most, I think he's average.
  8. Outside of his awesome theme I don't see much in him. He's not awful as a technical wrestler, but I just don't find him entertaining.
  9. Great matches, hate the lisp. He isnt big enough (crazy to say) to be a monster presence, but isnt good enough to speak for himself.
  10. Swagger=Boring
  11. In short, he's dull as fuck and WWE has the strangest ideas of how to push him.

    But of course, I feel the need to elaborate. To the former, his character is incredibly bland and his mic skills follow suit and the latter which, I feel, is only accentuated by his lisp. As a wrestler . . . meh. There's nothing particularly wrong with him from a purely technical point I suppose but he never really manages to make me connect or draw me into the action. He's just not fun to watch wrestle, his matches really suck but they never excite either. I can get mild entertainment out of some of his better matches but a lot of them just end up kind of bland. So, I don't really care for him in the ring but I don't have much I can really criticize him for. As for the latter, I just always find WWE's method of booking him strange. He's constantly gone months on end without doing a single thing of worth, only to immediately get pushed for the World Title. Once when he won the Money in the Bank and again when he returned with Zeb Coulter (whom I also don't care about). I just don't quit get it.
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  12. I don't like Jack Swagger. He's average in the ring and shitty on the mic. I do however like his gimmick with Zeb, well I mostly just like Zeb. However I think that was kind of sent to the bottom of the pile because of that DUI.
  13. Deserves to be fired for being so careless with DZ.
  14. Swagger is credible. He never will be the big guy, but he gives credibility to his opponents.
  15. Solid worker but is not the type of guy to deliver classic matches imo. Not much of a personality and no mic skills whatsoever.
  16. Good in ring shocking on a mic not his fault tho. Need to play on his lisp imo and bullying in the past and just have him rip ppl apart.
  17. Zeb Colter is great, but Jack Swagger is not. But I think that the alliance Colter-Swagger is great, but he alone is so boring
  18. I think he's really fallen off the radar. I think Zeb makes the storyline and not the other way around. For me personally, he doesn't have enough of a presence to really stand on his own. He's alright in the ring but I feel like he struggles the most on the mic. He's had minimal screentime lately and I haven't missed him.
  19. Tehnical abilities? Great.


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  20. I was a big hater of the guy tbh up until he returned with this new gimmick, I really started to like him.
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