Payback Opinions on PAYBACK!

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by CYERON, Jun 19, 2013.

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  1. Post your opinions on anything about Payback and let's discuss on 'em.

    The US Championship match & Tag Team Championship match - Although Kofi Kingston has to face one on one with Dean Ambruse for the US Championship and Team Hell No should face the current tag team champions, why did the WWE strip out Kane from Team Hell No and put on US Championship match? Why?

    Becase, If it went in the regular way, The Shield may lose GOLD for the Team Hell No and Kofi Kingston.

    Your Opinions? (On this or another about PAYBACK)
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  2. Kane was took out of Team Hell No and put in a match with Ambrose to shake things up a bit. Bryan and Orton have had some tension between them the past couple of weeks so forcing them to tag team against The Shield was an interesting dynamic. Would have even been more interesting for them to win the titles while Kane has to sit by the sidelines without a title to claim his own, but it obviously wasn't meant to be, since it's too early to take the titles off Rollins/Reigns and Bryan seems primed for bigger and better things than another tag title reign, even a short-lived one.

    (Kofi Kingston is out with an elbow injury that required surgery. They sold it on TV by having Ryback put him through a table two or three times on Smackdown.)

    My overall opinion of Payback was that it was a very good PPV that delivered in pretty much every match. Cena/Ryback was enjoyable with a cool finish, Del Rio/Ziggler had great drama and story telling with a brilliant double turn that no one really saw coming, CM Punk returned and we're already planting the seeds for the Punk/Heyman split, The Shield dominated again in matches that were enjoyable enough, Curtis Axel won the IC Title on Father's Day and I enjoyed AJ/Katilyn, marking the first time female wrestling has actually entertained me since Trish/Lita back in 2006 (which is a sad statement about either the quality of women's wrestling or my personal taste for it... or both.)
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  3. An unexpectedly great show IMO, Punk return was awesome and the match with Jericho was MOTN without a doubt.
    The Shield continuing to dominate the roster with 2 victories in 2 okay matches, Axel winning the IC title was awesome especially the way he pull it off "stealing" the win from The Miz.
    I didn't really care about Cena/Ryback in the first place since I didn't like the pathetic idea of burying Ryback just to "make Cena look strong" like if he didn't win the Rumble and beat The Rock at WM.

    Dolph/ADR was incredible, if Ziggler was to lose under any other circumstances, I would have been so furious and upsett about it, but the double turn was an amazing idea that we don't see very often in WWE nowadays, hope they give Ziggler a title reign soon though.

    Overall the show was good, way better than last year's Capital Punishment.
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  4. Oh yeah. indeed. I even thought that Payback was better than this year WrestleMania..
  5. I felt so sad about Kaitlyn.. :sad:
  6. Most people's thoughts were already discussed in one of the two Rate threads that Danielson made. The original (which is where I posted in) & the popular one. They should probably be merged.

    Anyway, assuming you're too lazy to click on the link, I'll summarize my thoughts. Overall the PPV got a 6.3/10 from me (the combined average of all matches, no weight). Having quite a few highs, including probably my favorite match of the year, Del Rio vs. Dolph, which almost got a perfect score from me. CM Punk's match was another highlight. The Diva's match and the main event sucked, and the US title match wasn't much better either. The rest was all good.
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