opinions on tattoos?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Pop Tatari, Oct 26, 2014.

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  1. Do you love them or hate them? Cannot stand them myself and would never ever get one, they do seem even more common now, really annoys me when a attractive women has them as well.

    Share your views, also there must be users on here who have some?
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  2. Wouldn't have them personally, with it being permanent it just seems like a lot of effort to go through for something i'd probably be bored of a week later.

    I'm fine with other people having them though, although there is something I find odd about seeing a person with tattoos ALL over their body, like on their face and stuff...
  3. I have a few and intend to get more. Don't really get why people get offended (not you) by other people having them, not like it's doing any harm to them.
  4. The odd little one can be alright somewhere discreet but some people go overboard and get whole of the arms covered etc but each to their own.Just does not look nice imo
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    Yes, I got a tattoo on the right/left side of my chest. Also, I've got a little tattoo on my right arm. I'm really thinking about getting more tattoos in the future.

    If you're curious what they look like, just go to my Instagram page.

    Here's some my favorite tattoos btw:
    Show Spoiler

    Aaron Chalmers
    CM Punk

    David Beckham
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  6. I like tatts, will probably get one a bit later in life but not anytime soon.. unless it's a small something cool that I don't pay for.
  7. I'm okay with tattoos. Not sure if I'd get one... But they don't bother me, plus... Some chicks having tattoos is sexy as fuck, imo. (not across their entire body, though)

    I've got some friends who wanna get a tattoo just for the sake of having one. That's what I'm annoyed with. I mean, if you're gonna get a tattoo, that's a permanent thing, better get something meaningful, something that you won't regret putting on your body.
  8. Agree with the OP.
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  9. I want one, but i feel like since i am so interested in them that i'd become addict to getting them!


    However, I do like them.
  10. gonna get a few done on my arm in a year or two. Won't start off with the whole sleeve, but I might get there one day.
  11. Wanna get a Triforce or Pac-Man logo tattoo on my ass to make it look like a cutie mark.
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  12. Tattoos aren't really my thing. And while people can do whatever they like to their own bodies, I still find it rather unattractive and repulsive-looking when members of the opposite sex cover literally half of their entire bodies with tats.
  13. I have a few, gotta say I don't regret any as they all mean a lot to me. Other people not liking them is cool though.
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  14. [​IMG]
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  15. This is actually the reason I avoided text.
  16. I'd like to get the "No Ragrets" tattoo actually, that scene was awesome in We're the Millers.
  17. Tattoos are cool. Orton's sleeves >
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  18. QUOTE="Heyman guy, post: 915812, member: 6857"]Tattoos are cool. Orton's sleeves >[/QUOTE]
    And CM punks chest and sleeves are cool
  19. Punk's tats look pretty bad imo.
  20. Considering getting a lion done. Since it's my star sign
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