Kayfabe Opportunities

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  1. *Camera pans to The Webmaster sitting on his throne while Reaper tries to get the attention of the Disciples*
    The Webmaster: Disciples! This week is one of opportunity with myself getting a shot at the Iron Man Championship and Ben Song finally being out of our hair for a while. So while the 'Blasphemous' one heals from his minuscule injures I will drive us forward with everything I have and I... I mean we will become the Iron Man Champion showing our dominance in this small pond known as Exodus.
    *The Webmaster stands up from his throne and grabs a glass bottle from the hand of Reaper who looks confused*
    The Webmaster: Now Des, I know that you are a very simple man that needs others to speak for him. So I'm going to be kind and give you a demonstration just so you don't get bamboozled by my quick execution.
    *The Webmaster places the glass bottle on a slab of stone set on a table in front of him. He points at the glass bottle whilst grinning*
    The Webmaster: Des, this is your windpipe. And this is your windpipe after a match against me.
    *The Webmaster slams down a sledgehammer onto the glass bottle. He then picks up a shard of glass and slits open his head with it, He starts to laugh after doing this*