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    I had to see
    me on my thunderbuddy webx's Wrestling trips
    What is this?
    i had to finish this joke!
    Just wanted a closer look.

  2. the hell?
  3. [img=200x200]http://i.imgur.com/VxR9I.gif[/img]​
  4. Still need to watch this movie.
  5. Slit wrists.

    Don't post 'funny' things to try and make up for what you did. No one likes kiss asses.
  7. I already watched the movie, it's good but not super good. It's those classic family movie kind of stories.
  8. I liked the Cena match one honestly
  9. Im Not trying to be a kissass but you for one CAN kiss my ass and dont tell me what to post [​IMG]
  10. Don't post stupid LQ stuff tho. Like the really really stupid kind of LQ post.
  11. Sorry. Just wanted to share the pics. i thought Lockeroom was for anything. ill try to do better :emoji_slight_frown:
  12. This thread is fine, ignore anyone saying otherwise. We've had much worse threads here (R'Albins thread reecntly lmao).

    Is Ted the movie good? I heard the trailer contains every funny scene and the rest is crap, but some people have said it's amazing so I'm unsure.
  13. No this wasn't LQ just make sure you don't do the ones that are REALLY stupid lol.

    I mean it was regular LQ.
  14. Best Movie ever! lol i rate it 500/10
  15. It's all funny scenes and then the rest is crap IMO @[Crayo]
  16. This pretty much sums up every review I've read. Some say it's overrated, some say it's as awesome as it's hyped. I'll just watch it and find out I guess :emoji_slight_smile:.
  17. i downloaded and burned to dvd use sceneforall's copy its Legit GOOD!
  18. Crayo if your okay with watching pretty crappy quality for free, then I got a site to watch it. TBH I don't think it lived up to the hype that much.
  19. Ive watched it atleast 10 times now
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