TV Orange is the new black?

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Danielson, Jun 8, 2014.

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  1. Any fans? Strangely addicted. Two thumbs up

    Quality thread

  2. I'm going to binge watch it after GoT is over... I've heard it was a good show.
  3. Lots of tits and lesbian activity. Awesome
  4. The show has it's appeal, personally I can't stand it mainly because I'm not huge on Laura Prepon, Jason Biggs or Natasha Lyonne, but hey if I'm out of shit to watch I'll come back to it.
  5. I'm part way through season 2. Absolutely love the show.
  6. I love crazy eyes, fucking makes me laugh.
  7. I've been debating whether or not to start this, or Hemlock Grove next. I think I've made my choice because of tits and lesbian action.:gusta:
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  8. lemme know when you start Hemlock Grove, cuz I was thinking about starting it soon too.
  9. I binge-watched my way through the rest of season 2 on Monday. Really brilliant season! It felt a little light on the comedy aspect compared to season one, but more of the other inmates back stories were covered and it was constantly interesting.
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  10. I like you
  11. I agree, it's really interesting and while some stuff is WAY over dramatized, it generally holds true to what goes on in prison.
  12. you are the general authority on women's prisons, i heard you directed a lot of porn involving that scenario.

    I am not terribly interested but have it on my external just in case. Everyone i know who watches it rants and raves about how many episodes they burned through daily and how they can't wait for more. I just am not ready to throw 20+ hours in a week to a show atm. It does look really decent though.
  13. Word
  14. I didn't know much about the show, its been sitting on my "watch later" list on Netflix for awhile now...
    Being that there is a lot of lesbian stuff and tits... Now it just seems strange my father asked me if I watched it yet....

  15. Just give it a try. Hard to stop watching
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  16. Watched the first episode. I actually like it so far. I was shocked to see "Donna" in it. lol 70's show actress. Was not expecting to see boobs 8 seconds in though lolol But I guess it is a prison show. The characters seem good.
  17. The wife and I LOVED this show. We were waiting anxiously for season 2 and watched it in its entirety in a matter of days lol. You can tell it was done by the same person that does Weeds.
  18. I started watching Weeds thanks to OITNB. Only on season 2 but I'm really enjoying it.
  19. It gets better as it goes on. That mom in Weeds is one bangin chick lol
  20. Girlfriend made me watch every single episode. It's amazing.
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