Original Evolution Member Revealed on HHH DVD

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  1. So happy that Batista replaced him. I liked Jindrak but I enjoyed Batista more. Hell, I still think Batista's awesome.

  2. He reminds of a more muscular version of Anakin Skywalker from Episode 3.
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  3. Imagine Jindrak becoming World Champ, fueding with Taker and Edge, turning heel, and complaining about Cena kissing babies and hugging fat girls?
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  4. Oh snap. Jindrak was an okay dude, but yea I'm glad Batista replaced him.
  5. Known about that for years. There was also once talks (I think) of adding both JIndrak AND Batista to the group.
  6. WTF Mark Jindrak? Thank God they went with Batista.
  7. Interesting news, already heard about it on Facebook though. Not much to add, besides me choosing Batista over him.
  8. Interesting to think about how it would've turned out.
  9. Why was he replaced?
  10. Story says he just didn't click with the rest of them. I haven't read anything about animosity between them but he just wasn't a fit for what they wanted compared to Big Dave.
  11. That's it? Boring. I want drug addictions and fist fights
  12. See the relationship of Booker T and Batista for the fist fights.

  13. In addition to that, Orton mentioned in an interview with Sam Roberts that both he and Batista were injured basically the night Evolution was set to debut... they elected to wait on both he and Batista.. that says enough

    The Orton/Roberts is featured in the link about the Evolution discussion... skip to about 5:50
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