Rumor Original Hart Foundation going into the Hall Of Fame...

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Owen Hart, Feb 6, 2019.

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    Report: Original Hart Foundation being inducted into WWE Hall of Fame

    I am legit pissed off if they do that... I mean Bret and Jimmy Hart's already both have a HOF ring. Yes, Jim Neidhart family can have one too. But god damn give it to the whole Hart Foundation... Owen, Bulldog and Pillman also need to be in the HOF. And yes I know the situation with Owen Hart is difficult but come on give it to bulldog and pillman.
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  2. And now people know why I critize the HoF.
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  3. Who cares about the HOF? It's a sham.
  4. I do care a bit, but yeah... It has become a joke.
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  5. Owens wife does not want him in there as she is pissed with wwe over his death, so thats why he is not in video games etc, as for bulldog and pilman that is a different matter. Dynamite kid should be in there as well but HOF is a joke.
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  6. HOF inductees are just based on if Vince can use you for p/r or some shit.

    Sure some inductees do a great job at the event and it's nice to see people get appreciated. Edge, Henry, Angle to name a few. But HOF lacks so little legitimacy that there is no point in taking it seriously.

    Only makes sense that a fake sport has a fake HOF tbf
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  7. Yeah I know all about that stuff with Martha, I don't blame her at all to be honest his death was a horrible, irresponsible tragedy that should have never happened. I still think it would be good if they would come to term one day, but I don't think it will ever happen...
  8. I do not think it will happen, you cannot blame her she lost the man she loved and did he have kids as well? Owen was a fantastic wrestler and personality, it is best for both parties if plans of a hof spot for him is left alone, drags up all that dispute shit again. Do not need a hof spot to know he was a legend
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  9. Owen, Bulldog and Pillman should have a solo induction... If they're inducting the Hart Foundation, It should be the original, since it's the most memorable version of the group.

    I do think Owen will get in one day, it's just going to take a lot more time.
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  10. I understand why she says no, and I woundn't say she's wrong, but the argument here is that while people who watched the New Gen and Attitude Era know he's a legend, new fans won't. I've legit heard people go, "I know Bret and Jim, but I don't know Owen Hart. He must've not been as good." Since he's never in anything, his name will get lost to time, and people won't be able to give him the respect he deserves

    Of course, Martha doesn't care though, because to her wrestling is just the thing that killed her husband because of a stunt he didn't want to do. In her shoes, I would probably say the same thing, but there is a good argument for both sides
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  11. I remember Bret saying when the Owen DVD came out that yeah finally we get to see something from his legacy but since Martha was controlling the whole thing it was the shits.
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  12. Honestly have some strong dislike for Owen's widow for not allowing him getting a spot. I get she's got hate in her heart for what happened, but accidents happen. I highly doubt that they wanted to hurt Owen, nevermind getting him killed. He deserves this.