Hell in a Cell Original Hell in a Cell main event plans

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Stopspot, Nov 1, 2012.

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  2. The stuff that comes from Observer should just be named Rumor or FYE or FYI. Lolzsource

    Anyway, it amazes me (if) they were thinking about that first option of clean finish. That could've been good.
  3. Vince screwing Ryback could have been awesome.
  4. Ryback winning clean would have been tits. The TLC multi man match is actually pretty clutch as well.

    lol @ what they did instead
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  5. Vince running in and screwing Ryback would have been a nice storyline starter.
  6. To be honest, the original plan of him losing it in a multi-man match at TLC sounds good. Almost makes me wish they'd have went that way instead. At least then, a newer superstar could get the record for breaking Punk's 'streak' as opposed to just The Rock. I have no big issues with the way they went, though.
  7. I agree with most on here. In retrospect the original plan sounds better.
  8. So it's just me completely against Ryback going over Punk cleanly...? Quite surprised it's so popular here, it would be breaking up a streak coming up to a year just so Ryback can remain undefeated and continue the comparisons with Goldberg, when he's clearly not ready for headlining PPV matches yet.
  9. I wish the match hadn't happened at all, but I would take Ryback beating Punk cleanly over what unfolded instead.
  10. But Ryback would have lost it back a couple of months later. And Punk would have been ready for The Rock. Plus, at least someone established like The Rock isn't the one who breaks Punk's streak, it's someone who they're building into their next big star.
  11. But does that not seem pointless and typical WWE nonsense? If Punk is going to have it at RR at least have him have a really prestigious streak going into it. Seems a bit pointless taking the 1 year anniversary with the title which is a huge kayfabe and non-kayfabe achievement just so Ryback looks strong, and then to have him lose it in a retarded stipulation months later. Seems Russo-like.
  12. Would've been alright by me. But I'm also fine with Punk keeping the belt and the 'streak' heading into the Rumble.
  13. A Vince run in would have made my night.
  14. What business is WWE referring to? Yes... lets keep the title on the guy who draws a sub 3 rating week in and week out.

    Gluing the title on Punk will serve to ....?????

    The only worse than a year long CM Punk title reign would be a year + long CM Punk title reign
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  15. Punk draws in pretty decent ratings actually. Not being as big of a draw as Cena does not equate to not being a draw at all. Live crowds mean more than a bunch of casual viewers at home because they actually spend money to go to the shows live, and they always react to Punk. Punk also moves a fair bit of merchandise. He also drew a bigger crowd than Cena at Comic Con back in August.
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  16. We're talking about comic con now as a way to determine if Punk is a draw?

    Live reactions and moving some merch is nice, but don't tell me WWE doesn't care about ratings. More ratings = more sponsors/better advertisement = more money. WWE absolutely cares a TON about ratings.

    Punk is not a draw. Ratings are hitting new lows with him as champ.
  17. That doesn't mean Punk isn't a draw at all. Numerous reports suggest he is a draw, the fact WWE temporarily moved him over to SmackDown while they had bad injuries is proof that he draws ticket sales. He's not on Cena's level but he is in fact a draws, as I said in another post, anyone with the push he's had will eventually be some sort of draw.
  18. You can't put all the blame on one guy.
    The product is garbage, that's the main reason why not too many people are tuning in or going to live events and those that do attend seem bored to death.
  19. Damn you VINCE!
  20. Geez, so this is the 'at least she has a nice personality' argument is it not?

    CM Punk was featured on SD because the crowds were just that terrible. In layman's terms, Punk was asked to make the gate somewhat mediocre as opposed to the atrocious gate SD had been making.

    If CM Punk were truly drawing there's no chance he would have turned heel. As bad as his face run may have been, he was garnering the boos John Cena had in 2005-2006.

    As far the merch argument, WWE's talent as a whole is moving way more than it had ever before... even Ziggs does semi-decent.

    Punk's great shining light is his mic work but, he's grown into a butthurt loser at this juncture. Complaining, whining and calling yourself BITW is code for I'm a do*** beta male who has Star Trek geeks for fans
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