News Original Plans for Another D-Generation X Member Revealed

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  1. Bruce Prichard revealed on the latest episode of his podcast, Something To Wrestle With, that former WWE creative writer, Vince Russo had some really bizarre plans for the infamous faction, D Generation X. According to Prichard, Russo wanted former WWE Superstar Test to be a part of the faction.

    Here’s what Prichard said:

    “So Vince Russo envisioned Test being a part of DX early on. Hunter hated it, Shawn hated it, everybody hated it. And Russo made the comment that ‘[Test] is as big as Kevin Nash but he’s younger and he’ll be better.’ And that, of course, set Shawn and Hunter off — ‘he’s no Kevin Nash.’”

    Prichard revealed the personal plans he had for the late Superstar and how they contradicted with that of Russo:

    “And then on top of that, and again we don’t know this from a talent relations side — this is when I was really just doing talent relations, getting in new talent. From my vantage point, I wanted Test in developmental so he could go out and learn and get better because he was a big guy and had a lot of potential. He wasn’t ready for prime time by any stretch of the imagination. I didn’t realize Russo already had this idea for him and had already approached people about it. I was like, ‘he can’t go, man, he’s not ready — he’s not seasoned, he’s just not ready yet.”

    What do you think about this story? Do you believe Test would have failed in DX? Let us know in the comments!

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