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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Jun 21, 2013.

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  1. The issue I see with this is that the MITB case seems rather pointless. Bryan wins it and cashes it in a mere month later, and if there is just one MITB match - which I doubt - then that is just a waste of a great thing to hold. Also, the feud would only get one month build? Not just Bryan/Cena, but Cena/Henry would also only get one month.

    I don't see this happening personally. I see Bryan maybe winning the case and cashing in at Night of Champions. Henry/Cena is probably the safer match in terms of PPV buys as well, and having it as two months seems a normal WWE title feud now.
  2. This idea obviously won't happen now that Cena/Henry is official unless they decide to do the two match series between Bryan and Cena for Summerslam/NOC instead of MITB/Summerslam. But I agree that stretching Cena/Henry out over two months instead of just one and saving Bryan/Cena for NOC is best all around. You get more out of Cena and Henry, whcih I think has the potential to be great all around. It's already had a great start. And you still get Bryan getting his shot against Cena the next month.

    Oh, and there'll obviously two MITB matches. Though I'd like just one with the ability to cash in on either champion.
  3. I don't think it's a good idea having Bryan winning the case and announcing when he'll cash in. Bryan is smarter than Cena. Bryan wouldn't make that big mistake. Remember 2011 when he announced that he'd cash in at WM... He did it but at TLC. Really, I expect that if Bryan wins the briefcase again he'll cash it in the best moment
  4. Oh WWE come on! That just happens twice a year and again that shitty pre-announced cash in thing? Pleas no! NO! Cash-in is something exciting in WWE. Since there is nothing to be excited of in WWE, yeah a lot of matches in weekly shows are based on nothing I mean look at TNA. BFG Series, contender matches and other stuff. They are exciting but now in WWE we don't see much contender matches or even MITB Qualifying matches. Hope WWE won't make that pre announced cash in happen.

    Oh great. No more Ryback vs Cena.
  5. I don't see the issue with Bryan announcing ahead of time when he's gonna challenge for the world title. It fits into his character at the moment to not just go for a cheap cash in but to flat out challenge either the top dog John Cena or the World's Strongest Man Mark Henry to an actual match to finally prove he can win the big one. How would it prove Bryan isn't a weak link by waiting until his opponent is down and out before cashing in for the belt?

    There's still gonna be one other briefcase you can rely on for in terms of an unpredictable and spontaneous cash in, just like last year.
  6. I would think that Bryan would turn heel and cash in on a weakened Cena. I just don't see how Bryan would go over Cena cleanly espically since he doesn't have any non-submission finishers.
  7. There's always that option of Bryan not winning...

    But if he did, there's nothing that says it has to be via a finisher. Could be one of those fast and tricky pin fall maneuvers. Daniel Bryan is supposed to be the master of wrestling holds and maneuvers, so I'm sure he has several pin fall combinations up his sleeve. Maybe Cena gets him in the AA but when he throws him off his shoulders, Bryan lands right firm on his feet and then runs the ropes, ducks a clothesline from Cena as Bryan runs back towards him and then bounces off the ropes on the other side and does either a Sunset Flip or a Wheelbarrow Victory Roll for a quick pin fall victory on Cena. Here's a sunset flip and wheelbarrow victory roll for those who aren't sure:

    There's other pin fall moves that can be used for Bryan to get the better of Cena, but these are two examples.

    This would be the best way to book his victory against Cena, IMO. Imagine Cena kicking out right after the ref's hand slaps the mat a third time and he has this shocked look on his face that the camera just focuses on. He's in disbelief that Bryan got his shoulders to the mat for a three count (albeit just barely, but therein lies the drama of these maneuvers) but once he gets himself together, he raises Bryan's hand in victory and claps for him in respect.

    It's the most logical ending I can imagine if Bryan wins because it's a quick way to get a pin fall victory right in the middle of the action where the pinned opponent can even kick out right after the three count to show that he was just barely beat.
  8. Bryan was Mr. roll up during his indy run up until around 2008. If he didn't make you tap he either bludgeoned you until you fainted or he rolled you up after smacking you silly.

    I could easily see him kick Cena in the head until he is groggy and then just rolling him up.
  9. TBH I would like to see Bryan winning the title at SummerSlam rather than at NOC. since it will be a bigger deal.
    But I agree that having him announce when he is going to cash in is just pointless.
  10. Too bad WWE still doesn't allow black WWE Champions.

    If they did they could've done the same thing with Henry/DB with the WHC.

    Henry winning the WWE belt and Bryan cashing in right after, setting up a DB/Henry feud.
  11. I agree with Crayo. Cena/Henry is gold right now and it should last longer than a month. Aside from that Bryan has already won the briefcase and is an established superstar. The briefcase imo was always an establishing item and right now Bryan is kind of there on his own, he doesn't need it.
  12. IMO it should be Henry DB, but ill settle on this, however it works. DB cashing in his MITB at summerslam and letting cena know is trash.
  13. Beating Cena does a lot more for him than beating Henry again, it shows their interesting in keeping him a main player.
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  14. cant disagree with that, just saying what I would rather see.
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  15. 9/10 I'd agree but if Cena wants to he could dance around Henry in ring. I honestly could see something topping Cena / Punk level (not MITB but the others definitely)
  16. I'd much prefer Cena. Going over Cena is huge; much bigger than going over Henry. The match will be so much better as well. The promos will be so much better too.

  17. If Cena is into it then yeah but if not it'll be terrible. Bryan is no Punk to drag a strong promo out of him sadly.
  18. Weirdly, this is a feud I don't care too much about the promos about. It's one of those feuds that the match is the thing that'll stick. Cena losing to Bryan cleanly is historic, but I'm unsure if WWE would do that. Bryan going over Cena and becoming champion though is just going to be incredible. So much better than Henry/Bryan can ever be, and I'm a huge Henry fan.

  19. Cena won't job clean to Bry I'm pretty sure unless it's incredibly cheap such as a roll up, ironically enough the only person Cena jobs to is Cena. Bry going over in 30 + classic works but I'm kind of hoping he jobs in some flukish way to set up a Wrestlemania moment, dude has proven he can stay hot for this past year and the Bryanamania is in it's infancy. An idea I like is Bryan having Cena in the No Lock for around 30 seconds, Cena looks like he's done before he pulls out a roll through to a jackknife style pin. Let Bryan have a Hardy style push.
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