Original Plans For Ziggler and Flair

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Jan 24, 2013.

  1. I'm actually glad Dolph didn't get it, now I know how WWE intended to use Flair. I wouldn't mind Flair being Dolph's heel manager, but having him adopt the figure four would have been horrible.
  2. Especially with Dolph already having a signature submission move. And Dolph and Flair would mesh more as heels. Problem is Flair is in that stage were I think he cannot get booed. All things considered and how they could have ended up things ended up well.
  3. They just need to try Zigs on his own, they have to stop sticking him with people. Give him a chance and see what happens. Give Flair to Kidd when he comes back, there's a guy who could use the tutelage on the mic from Flair.
  4. Am I the only one seeing smashing comedy potential with Kidd and Flair? Kidd who's babyface character has always been a bit laid back paired up with the often over playing Flair :dawg:
  5. :yes: It's a great match up, and Kidd could pull off a flawless Figure Four in his sleep.
  6. Kidd could pull of any submission move in his sleep. I would laugh tons at Flair trying to teach a reluctant Tyson to strut and woo. It would be like when they teamed Kidd with Jimmy Hart for that one episode of Raw or Smackdown.
  7. Might have worked with DZ, might have not. If it meant sparing us this Miz Flair face turn, then I'm almost inclined to say it would have been for the better.

    I am very interested in seeing DZ finally as a face someday, but there is plenty left for him to do as a heel. Another year, year and a half before Ziggler is a face please.
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  8. Ric Flair could have managed Dolph Ziggler and it would've worked out well as heels however the way things are going it's OK in my opinion.
  9. Flair with Kidd? That could work very well, I think.
  10. Dolph is good where he is now actually and I don't think a face turn now would have been good for him. Right now, I consider him to be one of the top heels of WWE as of now. He's getting more TV time and he's performing every well. Also Dolph's is a quick guy in the ring, so I don't think the figure four would have been good for him. However, that superkick he currently has is good, but he needs to perfect that.
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