Original Randy Orton Plans

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  1. Source: The Wrestling Observer
  2. Yawn.

    Glad he's suspended
  3. I discussed this recently with close friends of mine who are wrestling. We all agreed that maybe he's doing these things intentionally. He won't quit, but he will force them to fire him. I can understand. Maybe he will go away and come back like Shawn did and be better and happier. Anyways, this was a discussion I had with other wrestlers. Take it if you like.
  4. Are you saying Randy has lost his smile?
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  5. Haaaaa. Point for you
  6. Doesnt matter who Ziggler faces, he still gonna bet buried :((
  7. So there was supposed to be Sheamus vs Orton? Well... :urm:

    Glad he was suspended, he was probably going to bury Ziggler anyway. :upset:
  8. Well duh. Randy Orton feuds are all the same. week 1 RKo week 2 RKO week 3 RKO week 4 Orton gets beat up at the PPV until boom RKO and he wins

    rinse & repeat
  9. True. I hate that. The guy goes over every week, his most recent feud with CM Punk is proof of that. I hope he gets out of WWE so we get a break from that.
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