Royal Rumble Original Rumble Plans For The Big Show

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Lockard 23, Jan 3, 2014.

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    Even though I don't hate Show like others do and enjoyed his feud with Lesnar in 2002/2003, I'm glad they didn't waste a Brock match on him. And Show was originally gonna go over Triple H? Terrible booking IMO. I figured a match with him was to get HHH more heat and make him look stronger with a victory so that whoever finally took him down at Mania ended up looking like the conquering hero.
  2. I think Triple H hasn't been that great of a heel in this authority run, considering he's still getting more cheers than boo's. I'd say Big Show going over and then getting Punished by HHH would have gotten him more heat. Steph has been the Outstanding heel of this angle, though I'm standing firm with Vickie Gerruero being the greatest heel in the WWE at the moment, no one gets as much heat as she does.

    I'm also glad we didn't have to waste Brock vs Big Show because he could have been used to make someone like Big E Langston look strong even if he were to beat Big E.
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  3. Bro you should setup an "insider" area of this forum where you and a handful of others speculate what will happen in the upcoming months, using detailed references from past WWE matches and feuds. You could get a shitload of views, and when you word it like all these PWinsider posts, you don't even take blame when wrong. WWEForInsiders "inside source" have indicated they could have been incorrect...OR HHH got wind of the creative leak and has thus changed the storyline."
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  4. Don't I/we do that already in the normal wrestling sections? :jeritroll:
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  5. yeah but instead of quoting pwinsider and meltzer reports, we would be quoting you and a few members here exclusively.
  6. Sounds good, although I could just as well make a thread in the normal wrestling sections anytime I have an idea on where something is going and you could tag it with something special ("Lockard Report", maybe) to make it stand out, the same way other threads are tagged with Spoiler or NXT or whatever.
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  7. Well Brock still looks a beast. But Show was a huge fail in that last ME run however short. Seriously when you consider Henry is doing very little and he can make ppl look a beast eg Brock well for me it was some poor booking.
  8. Mark Henry's theme makes him look like a beast.
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  9. My point exactly we are behind Henry an not Show yet he was forced into our ME scene and it failed.
  10. I would've liked that idea, sounded like a solid card filler.
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  11. Brock could roid scream at big show and it could make him cry. That would be a segment worth seeing.
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  12. Nothing with Big Show is a solid card filler these days imo.
  13. As a partial Big Show fan, I'd disagree but looking at it from many peoples standpoints, I could see why. His matches are usually pretty boring unless the person he's facing really makes it outstanding, I just think Show vs Brock could be a cool thing to see honestly. Brock F5 on Show, Show would probably pull out some new move or something. As an opening match to the card or something I really wouldn't mind at all.
  14. Fair enough to see Brock F5 him lol. A squash match! Build up Lesnar more.
  15. Btw @DK Batista Show as a whole I like just think he has overstayed his retirement. Plus I love how big he is for all the WWE charities etc... Just in ring he has gone past that point for me.
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  16. Brock Lesnar vs Big Show? I guess it would have been a bit of a fun match since Show and Lesnar's feud in the past was interesting to watch. To go over Triple H though, that would have been a bit of a stretch in my opinion. Certainly would give Lesnar something to do in the Royal Rumble, but I like the idea of him just challenging Orton or Cena for the championship instead of fighting Show. Wouldn't have been against the idea I guess.
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