Original Xbox modding thread

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Nobody, Apr 9, 2014.

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  1. I have talked to a few people here about it, and I think the thread could gain a lot of interest in the deal. I'll keep it simple.

    The original xbox is the perfect console for emulation, it works as an amazing media center, and is easily modded to your specs wanted. I just bought 3 more today (for 36$ from my local pawn shop, its a big one where people dont use common sense) and the first one i booted up actually has a 120gig hd on it and is already softmodded. Huge win.

    For those of you who dont know, softmodding is a simple process where you essentially go through the backdoor to the system to override the main Operating System, booting the program of your choice. This enables you to play backups, emulation, movies, games, and much much more. The average original xbox cost is under 20$, and you can buy a 120 gig hd for 16$ more. Along with the memory card/controller-femaleUSBport it ends up being around $40. I am glad to help others to smooth out the process, and hopefully those of you I have skyped with, or others who have an old xbox sitting in their closet or storage will consider this great idea to give one of the greatest systems more time on your shelf.

    Face it, the xbox is a beast, it was built to last and has plenty of value left in it, even if just for emulation and as a media player. If there is interest i will show a video of what I have available on the 6 xbox units i have (one for my parents, one for my sister and brother in law, one for my cousin as well as my grandparents, and 2 for myself) and how easy it is to complete.
  2. This reminds me of the Wii soft modding community. I don't have the original XBOX, but I'm glad to see someone else here enjoys modding and shit. Welcome to the club Aids.
  3. I've been looking into modding, Been Looking to Mod my PS2 but I might get an Original XBOX (If I Can Find one...), Just to this...
  4. bro ive been on the club for years, just finally got a few extra xbox's and here to help. The Wii i liked modding but never enjoyed the games as much. Either way you live in philly, tell me you cant find an original on craigslist for under $20.
  5. Modded my Wii :emoji_slight_smile:
    Although Homebrew made it easier to take advantage of.
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  6. Still use my original xbox to play Genesis, nes, SNES, etc. hard to find full games to dl these days though
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  7. yours is modded? Bro i just got about 30 games in the last week. I'll pm the link.
  8. Did mod my PS3 and have Linux on there as the OS, it made it much better... for about a week until Sony fucked it all up :sad:
  9. explain please, ive been looking into doing the same thing for a ps3 im getting (fat 80gig)
  10. It needs to be on 3.55 FW or before otherwise you can't. On 3.56 and onwards the keys haven't been decrypted (or rather, released to the public) so it's impossible to do.

    I'd recommend getting a one already on 3.55 CFW.
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  11. Yeah I did it back a couple of years after the original launch.
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  12. Did you upgrade the HDD?
  13. Yeah put an 160GB drive in, one of the biggest you could get at the time lol.
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  14. bro im gonna have to pm for a quick hand on it if you are down, i have the storage all ready and setup but the program is being a giant bag of dicks. I know im missing one small piece but i cant figure it out.

    ETA Although yesterday i snagged one that is modded with a 120gig in there, so im hoping the FTP part will help me figure it out.
  15. Go for it
  16. I've got an original xbox in my cuboard collecting dust so if I get the balls to search through it then maybe I can do some stuff with it

    There are multiple Cashgenerators in Cardiff you can pick one up from. They were selling a Sega Genesis (Mega Drive) for £2.99 before so you could get it on the cheap.

    Some Game stores in Cardiff may also have some left, thats where I got my Xbox orignal from back in 2008.
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