Orlando Jordan Gets Married

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  1. - Former WWE and TNA Wrestling competitor Orlando Jordan recently got married in Australia, where he currently resides.

    Jordan, who defeated John Cena in 2005 for the WWE United States Championship, currently runs a professional wrestling school in Brooklyn, Victoria, The Orlando Jordan School of Wrestling.

    "The goal is to establish an Australian wrestling industry and enhance the talent to professionally mainstream standards in and outside the ring," Jordan told Australian Iron Man magazine earlier this year. "In order to do this I have dedicated my time to personally train young and upcoming males and females in order to set that standard for the Australian market."
  2. I thought he was gay lol. (Like, gay all the way, not Bi.)
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  3. Yeah I thought he was gay. Shit. Whatever man, all the best to him. That looks like a gorgeous wife he has.
  4. He looks like that gay barber in GTA V.:lol1:
    Seriously though,congrats to Orlando.
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  5. lol he does. But it's like if that gay barber could whoop my ass, he'd be Orlando Jordan.
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  6. Add me to the list of people that expected him to have married a dude. Guess that match he had with the Ultimate Warrior scared him straight.
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  7. I think he's always been bisexual. He played up the femininity hardcore with his creepy TNA gimmick, which definitely left an impression on me. It's hard to think of him getting in a chick's junk after that, but hey. It's just a gimmick lol.
  8. Woah hang on a minute I thought this dude was gay? thats the reason why Vince ended up firing him. Well this is surprise. Good luck to the couple
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  9. omg BLFFL you are the legendary gimmick. A thousand likes for your posts.
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