News Orton addresses health and WWE status

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Prince Bálor, Jan 9, 2016.

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    Glad he's okay and good news to hear for once!
  2. Orton vs taker mania 32. Rematch. Book it!
  3. The Legend Killer returns?

    The man who was offered the streak ends the Deadman's career....

    i like it
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  4. zzzzzzzz....
  5. Fuck Dave Meltzer. I feel like he makes up 90% of anything he ever writes.
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  6. Lol it was a joke but at this rate, it might be their best bet.
  7. This guy needs to reinvent himself if he wants to stay relevant,might get the short reign here and there but nothing long term.
  8. Orton vs Lesnar should definitely happen. It would be a good match for like Summerslam.
  9. Have heel
    Orton vs face Brock.
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  10. Orton is a legend himself. What he's gonna commit suicide?
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  11. They could have a great rivalry. It could really give Orton the opportunity to bring out the crazy psychotic side of him
  12. Yes let him bring the punt back... And lose it. Like truly go back into psychotic mode. Have him attack sable
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    They should have a clip of Brock Lesnar on a hunting trip and Orton comes out of no where, wearing his wrestling gear and RKO's the shit out of Lesnar and then turns around and gives a deer one too lmao.
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  14. He should RKO everyone in brocks family. Then RKO his corn stalks and begin punting his dogs and cats while yelling in JR's voice "he's merciless and look into the cold blue eyes of the viper!!!"
  15. Hopefully

  16. People that knock Big Dave clearly aren't familiar with most of his work. He's been by far the most reliable wrestling journalist for the past thirty-something years, which is why he's held in such high esteem by so many within the industry to begin with. Plus you clearly didn't read the article close enough: "It should be noted that Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer Newsletter did not say it was a fact that Orton was having neck surgery. The report was that Orton could end up needing the neck surgery after he recovered from shoulder surgery, which he had last month."
  17. I knock Dave Meltzer and pretty much every other wrestling journalists because they all just make shit up so people read about it. Every day theres an article out that says "well rumors backstage..." and "it is speculated that..." and then they'll make sum BS up and then say "take everything with a grain of salt though"

    Its like just don't even bother writing the article when you know its a load of hypothetical crap theories that you don't have any credible source too.
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